Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pay it Forward!

Hi Everyone!!

Yes! Its time to "pay it forward"!!! If you dont know what that means.. then dont worry!! I just found out what it was myself!! LOL! I came across this on
Debbie's blog and i thought it was such an awesome idea!!!
So.. here's the idea...

I will send a gift (something handmade or something bought) to 3 random people who leave a comment on my blog!! The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making the same promise on your blog.

So, if you like this idea and a bit of 'happy mail', please leave a comment on my blog!!! Im off to Perth, WA. for a holiday with my boyfriend Matty, i'll be back next thursday to announce the lucky winners!!!

Xx Jess

Monday, 30 July 2007


Hello Everyone!!
Here is my layout i did for this weeks
All About Eve challenge!
I go climbing every tuesday night and hopefully in a month they are going to open up a new indoor climbing center in katoomba so then i'll be going twice a week!! Its a great way to work out whilst having lots of fun!!!
So, here's my layout...
Let me know what you think!!

"My Escape"

Sunday, 29 July 2007

yep... thats my family!!!!

Here are some fun photos Sian took of my family and I...
Oh, and just to let you know, before you wonder why we are all wearing aprons... My parents own a Swiss Restaurant (they are both Swiss)!! My brother and I both work for my parents!! So thats why... lol! Oh, and we are posing in the carpark! We took these on saturday morning before the lunch crowd arrived.. um, yes, there were two customers already! They must think we are really cuckoo!!! lol!

Dad, Mum, Me and my Brother

Xx Jess

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Foto Friday...

Well if you've already read
Siany's blog you will already know that on fridays we try to go out and about and take our Nikon camera for a photo shoot!!
We gave ourselves a little goal this week to take a photo of a bird (um, yeah none of mine turned out! LOL), Waterfall, leaf and bark..

Here are my results and dont forget to go check out
Siany's blog for her take on the things we took photos of! Its always fun to see how different the same thing can look through a different person's perspective!!

And also a piccie of Sian and I with our favourite *toys*...

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 26 July 2007

In fifteen years...

This is me and my cat Minou.. we took this photo this afternoon! Im looking out the window with Minou and if you scroll down.. you'll see a photo mum took back in 1992 of Minou and I looking out the same window....Not much has changed in 15 years... we've both just doubled in size... lol Hope your having a great day!!!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Welcome to the world!!!!

Three weeks ago i met up with Daria to take photos of her 6 month belly.. see THIS blog post...

Well, on Sunday Daria and Marty were surprised with the early arrival of their beautiful baby boy!!!

Kaia has arrived 13 weeks early (on sunday 22nd July weighing 870 grams) and is doing real well and has a great set of lungs!!
Im going into the hospital tomorrow to see how Daria and Marty are going and hopefully to meet Kaia!
CONGRATULATIONS to your new little family Daria and Marty!!!
Love Jess Xx

Edited to Add: WOW!! I got to meet Kaia! He is so beautiful and so tiny!! I loved his tiny little feet and ears!! Daria and Marty look great and you can see all the joy they feel. They are great parents!! I loved meeting Kaia! I cant wait to visit again!! I cant believe how tiny he is! I couldnt imagine it till i saw him! **congratulations** once again to you guys Daria and Marty! Kaia is truly adorable!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Two Girls Challenges - Idea Five...

Hi Everyone!!!
Go on over and visit the
Two Girls Challenges Blog!! We've just put up a real fun challenge and I cant wait to see what people come up with this week!!

Feel free to join in if you like the ideas!!
This is a sneak preview of my final product for the 5th idea.

Go here to see the final product and also Siany's final product!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 19 July 2007


I was tagged by Gigi and Siany two awesome ladies that have awesome blogs!!
Im so happy to be tagged with this:

By them!!! thanks girls!!!
I tag everyone in my side links>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I leave you with a photo that i took (selfie) of me and Ruby my cat!!

Xx Jess

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Twenty Eight...

Emily is back!!!! Once again... Congratulations Emily on the birth of beautiful Yindi!!! I cant believe you find the time and energy to be so loyal to all of us following your blog and playing along to the art journal challenge! We all greatly appreciate it!!!!

The prompt for this week:
"goal of the week"

Well nothing much to explain! Its all written on my card!!
Let me know what you think!



Art Journal Challenge - Week Twenty Seven

This week stepping in for Emliy Falconbridge is... Ali Edwards! She gave a great original prompt!!

The prompt for this week: "junk mail"

So i made my page using a bit of junk mail.. and seeing as most of the junk mail i look at is shopping catalogues, i thought it would be perfect to do my card about shopping!!!

Here's my card. Let me know what you think!!!



Art Journal Challenge - Week Twenty Six...

Emily Falconbridge has managed to remember to get friends of hers to give prompts for her art journal challenge whilst she's busy having a baby!! Congratulaitons Emily... Yindi is beautiful!!
So this week..
this talented lady gave the prompt!

The Prompt for this week:
"Celebrating daughters..."

As i dont have any daughters or children at all (yet) I decided to do my card on the the strond bond mum and i have with each other!!

Here's my card. Let me know what you think!!!



Monday, 16 July 2007


I"ve got a couple of layouts to share with you today that i managed to scrap whilst i was in the mountains this week (between work shifts)!
My 1st layout is of my friend Daria, who let me take some pics of her at 6 months pregnant!! Thanks Dar!! Its a pretty simple layout but i like the final result!


Close up

I also did the All About Eve Challenge this week which was to "scrap your age". This was such a fun challenge and i love my final result!!! To make the number "26" like that... i got some scrap transperancy paper, cut it into shape and then i sanded and inked it and stapled it onto my layout!

"already 26"

Close Up

Let me know what you think of my layouts!! I hope you like them!!
Xx Jess

Friday, 13 July 2007


Hi everyone!!!

Here is a layout i did yesterday which i originally planned on creating for the One Little Word Blog. But i ended up liking the word "simple" better than the one little word challenge of "simplicity"!

I took this photo of North Narrabeen Pool ages ago and i've always really liked it but never thought about scrapping it till i saw the One Little Word challenge this week!

So, here is my layout.. Let me know what you think!!

"Simple Beauty"

Monday, 9 July 2007

Matty's Birthday... a success!

Today was my boyfriends birthday!!! He didnt want a fuss but he deserves one seeing as he is such a wonderful boyfriend!!! We decided to have a Mexican Dinner and a games night with friends of ours! The night was a huge success!!

Our house decorated before the arrival of our guests
the cactus my talented brother made from an old box.. and also the sumbrero that we served nibbles on!balloonsonce Matty got home, i Re-decorated.. we had to burrow a table! We all only just fit in our tiny apartment!!Matty opening his pressies!all our guests

the cake from Bec and Kato
the Donkey Pinjata!!!!Look at this photo closely!!! (i love it!!) look where Matty is facing with the stick.. look at the donkey... and look at Kato telling every one to shhhh!!! LOL
after pretty much all of us battling with the donkey.. we finally got it open!!! It was a great laugh!!!

No!! We didn't have 'pin the tail on the donkey' we had 'pin the Mo on the Mattxican'. Here are all the girls pointing to where we put our mo's!

there was a tie breaking situation!!
Me with my MattIxcan!!
The night was great fun!!!! we also all played a board game which i bought Matt called "Smart Ass" perfect game for a group of people!!!
Matty got nice and spoilet!!!
Xx Jess

Two Girls Challenges - Idea Four...

This weeks challenge is a fun one over at the Two Girls Challenges Blog! I love it that there are people participating and I love seeing what everyone comes up with!!

Feel free to join in if you like the ideas!!
This is a sneak preview of my final product for the 3rd idea.
Go here see the final product and also Siany's final product!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Busy Week!!!

On Sunday was my good friend Siany's 20th birthday!!! ** Happy Birthday Siany!! ** On her actual birthday we all worked and it was nice and busy.. so besides the cake mum made for her which we ate at work.. there wasn't much time for celebration!!

ETA: work photo of Siany's birthday: dad , john, evelyne, marie, siany, me and my mum.
On monday Matty and I went over to the casino to Surprise Siany for a birthday celebration that my brother (Siany's boyfriend) organised!!! I dont think it was that much of a surprise to her but it was good fun for us all to be able to celebrate with Sian on her special day!! My parents came down for it too and so did Siany's friends!!

The Birthday Girl!!

At the Casino (Steve, Siany, Dad, Mum, Me, Matty & Johnas)
Matty & I

Yesterday I babysat Jade (as I do every tuesday)! She is such a cutie and is doing new things every week!! It was the 1st time I was able to take Jade for a walk! (Since I started looking after her, its been crappy weather and we've been stuck indoors all day) but yesterday was different! We went on a walk and fed the ducks and played on the swings and then she had a big sleep!! She's such a cutie! I love looking after her! I also then went climbing with Bec in the evening which is always good fun! Then Bec, Kato, Matty and I went and ate at the Ranch! yum!


Today I met up with my good friend Daria (hi Daria!!!) in Chatswood!! I haven't seen her in a few months and she now has a cute baby belly!! She's 6 months pregnant!! I took a few photos of her and her baby belly!! So cool!! Thanks for letting me do that Dar!! Cant wait to meet the baby in a few months time!!


Love that belly!!

Tonight when Matty gets home from paddling we are going to book our holiday over to Perth!! Cant wait to go there and watch Matty race in the Avon Descent and to visit Perth! I've never been to W.A before!!
Hope you all have a fantastic evening!!
Xx Jess