Thursday, 27 September 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Eight...

This card by Emily came at the perfect time!!! I've totally been wondering about something and to be able to record it is fantastic!!! My favourite prompt ever!!!

The prompt for this week: "i wonder _________."

Unfortunately at this point in time, I have chosen to keep this card to myself.. however i'll post it up again if I then want to do the show'n'tell..
so i can only leave you with...

A sneak peak :)

Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Seven...

Ouch!! A toughie this week!! heheheh

The prompt for this week: "draw something!"

Um, yeah right!!! LOL! Im so not a drawer! I wish I was... but im not.. So instead.. i made my card about my brother and his talent with ink and paper! He is an amazing drawer! He's even had his own art exhibition and he's only 23!



Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Six...

I loved Emily's card this week!! So i decided to "card lift" her idea!!! I hope thats okay?!!?

The prompt for this week:
"life is beautiful"

Im happy with the way this card turned out only cos i LOVE my glittery stickers and all the people in the photos!!!



Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Five...

I went a little different than the theme this week!!

The prompt for this week:

however... I didnt go with the prompt this week.. as I had my excitement of being published for the 1st time in a scrapbooking magazine so i wanted that recorded onto a card

Again... I let myself and my creative juices down on this card.. I dont like the final outcome of it at all.. but its a great memory to have recorded and for that i am happy!!!



Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Four...

Yep! I managed to fall 5 weeks behind on my emily cards again!! hehe! But I have to say... it is fun catching up on a pile of cards!!

The prompt for this week: "funny ha-ha!"

So many things make me laugh!!! My family and around the dinner table is probably where the funnies conversations and memories get talked about!!

Im not really a fan of my card this week, i have no idea where my creative juices were when i was creating it!! lol



Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Baby Kaia...

Last Week (yep, its taken me a week to put these up!!) I went to visit daria and little Kaia in hospital! He is now about 9 weeks old and has the most gorgeous smile!!! He weighs in at close to 1.5kg and is so so so cute!! Such a beautiful baby!! He's out of ICU now and is doing so well "high five Kai!!"
Daria looks great and is the best mum ever!!!
I'll stop going on and on now.. cos as you know... i just had to take some happy snaps!!

a very proud mummy

fast asleep in his mum's arms

awe!!! he can wear little outfits now!! (size 00000)

sweet dreams

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jen & Jesse's Wedding 16.9.07

On Sunday Matty and I flew up to Brisbane to go to Jen and Jesse's wedding! They were so lucky with the weather it was so warm and sunny! They got married in the beautiful botanical gardens and then the reception was in this really cute little restaurant! The food was yummy - we had a choice of 3 entree's and 3 mains and the most yummy cheese platter where i have now discovered my mose favourite cheese ever... "tallegio".
Jen looked so beautiful in her wedding dress! Its ereally suited her!! Jen and Jess looked so happy!!!
It was really a great wedding!
**Congratulations** to Jen and Jess!!!!
Im not going to write too much more about it cos i want to show you all in pictures...

Jen 'walking down the isle'


with her dad

the bride and groomcute little flower girlJen and her Sister

"i do" "you may kiss the bride"

the bouquet

the official part! Jen signing...

Jess signing bride & groom having a special moment

I love this photo! They look so happy!

Rachy and Cameron going to pose for the photo but headbutted themselves instead!! "ouch"

take two...

Jen's brand new little neice.. so cute!! I got to have a cuddle at the reception!!


Me, Jen and Rachy! together again!!!

The beautiful cake!

cutting of the cakeWe got some yummy chocolate love hearts!!! Im excited!Rachy and Cameron a little later in the night!

Matty and I! Um no... my head isnt usually that much bigger than matts!! lol!

So, as you can see from all the photos.. the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked proud and a great time was had by all!!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

a *big* thankyou!!!

HI everyone...
Firstly i'd like to say a HUGE thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments on my last blog post!! It made me feel so happy to see so many of my friends being so supportive!! Thank you to all of you!!! :)

I've had a nice and busy week!!! Matt's dad Buzz is staying with us for a few weeks! He has been helping Matt out in his shop (
pro kayaks) and hanging out with us! We've been playing a few board games.. my favourite.. Smart Ass! I was lucky to recieve a RAK from Siany last week.. which included one of her sewing masterpieces!! Thanks Sian!!!

I've been so spoilet lately!!! Matty bought me a gift voucher for a scrap shop out of the blue!!! It was such a nice surprise!! And he gave me flowers last week! Such a perfect boyfriend!!

I've got one layout to share also...
"red love"
Its my first ever layout using white cardstock!!!

I'll leave you all with a photo i took yesterday while i was nannying Jade.. she was a little angel yesterday! The perfect baby!!!
Have a great day everyone!!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

im (officially) a PUBLISHED scrapbooker!!!!

OMG!!!! I cannot believe it!!! Its finally happened!!
I went to the letter box this afternoon to find my copy of Scrapbooking Memories - Vol 9 No 4 - magazine....
And there I was... Published!!
Im so excited! Im in there twice! This is the 1st time ever for me to have anything published and im so excited and happy about it!!!

"fun together" in the Fun & Funky Gallery
MY NAME!!!! lol

"Jessy" in the Final Encore Gallery!!

I just had to share my exciting new with my friends, family and scrapbooking buddies from all over the world!!!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Three...

Woah.. i've caught up on 5 cards (scroll down to see them all) !! i've still got two to go!! Hopefully i can get them done this week!!!

The prompt for this week: "10 minutes"

To create your card in 10 minutes... so i laid out all my materials and i knew exactly what i was going to make my card about! Jade! I've been nannying her for some time now and I thought it would be great to document her in one of my cards!!!



With transperancy paper lifted...