Sunday, 12 April 2009

Video of Liberty

Its been a while since i've posted a little video of Liberty. Here she is at 10months old!
Xx Jess

Monday, 6 April 2009

Bec and Kato's Wedding 6.3.09

Bec and Kato had a beautiful wedding!! They got married at North Head Manly, it had an incredible view, such a gorgeous venue. They were so lucky with the weather too, and everything looked perfect even when Bec walked down the isle... it was scattered in rose petals that lead her to where she would get married to Kato.. the petals were scattered into the shape of a heart around them.
The reception was at the Skiff Club in Manly. The food was great with lots of it, and the chocolate cakes were beautiful, and I was lucky enough to get a gluten free version!!! Very exciting! They had a DJ and someone playing the saxaphone. What a great wedding for a fantastic couple!!!
Congrats Bec and Kato!
Here are some piccies of the special day... I went along to the hotel to watch Bec and her sister (the bridesmaid) get ready for the wedding, so we went to the roof top pool and took a few photos! Bec was so relaxed, she even joked about falling in the pool!! haha!

p.s. Thanks Siany for lending me your beautiful dress!!!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 4 April 2009

My Engagement Ring!!!

Yesterday I went and picked up my engagement ring from the jewelers!! A few weeks ago Matt and I went ring shopping and we ended up buying the first one we saw! We did go and look at all the jewelers in the mall, and then went back to the first shop! So, it was definately the one for me!! So exciting to now have the 'official' ring!!

So far, with the wedding planning... My colour combo keeps changing! I've decided on my bonbonnieres (which im going to make) - once i know our colour theme lol! We've booked a marquee, got a date. I emailed a celebrant yesterday, so im waiting on a reply and im hoping to have this photographer for our special day. I've really got to get onto catering I think!! I know what we want, just gotta find it!!
Xx Jess