Saturday, 31 March 2007

Earth Hour..

Hi to all you Aussies out there who read my blog...

Just a reminder that tonight is Earth Hour!!

From 7:30pm to 8:30pm they are encouraging us all to turn off our lights for an hour in aid to 'save the planet'. Apparently the Sydney CBD will be all dark! Would be cool to see all the lights go out!

We at my parents restaurant (
the Swiss Cottage Restaurant) are going to be doing it!! Its going to be a challenge as we are pretty much already booked out tonight and everyone will be eating by candle light! I recon it will be fun! Will let you know how it goes!! (ofcourse, we will have to have the kitchen lights on for the cooking as it would be too much of a hazard otherwise. But were trying to do our bit)

If you'd like more info about it go to :
Xx Jess

Friday, 30 March 2007

Katoomba Photos..


Well today Sian and I decided to visit our "home" town!! Actually its only mine for half the week as i actually live in Narrabeen.. but thats a long story!
So after lunch (at the Swiss Cottage - our place of work!) it was yummy!! We 'drove' 300meters aprox, down the road to Echo Point and took some shots...
(Some are going to be perfect for scrappages i predict!!) so, here are some goodies and funnies..

Sian & I at the Three Sisters, Katoomba
Sian with the fern tree
and both of us "excited" to be next to the fern tree!

Sian up near the entrance to the Three Sisters Walk

Pretty brick wall at Echo Point with Sian and I
Me telling tourists that "its fine, seriously, you can walk past!! We'll be awhile!" lol

Sian with lots of wall..

After our tourist photo shoot down at Echo point.. we went back to Sian and Johns house (aka the farm) and took some silly shots there...

This is Sian & I in front of the barn where the Goats live

John and Sian doing some acrobatics!

Me and my brother john... we didnt know we were standing the exact same way!!

John: " I've got an idea, lets do photos where we jump in the air!!"
Jess: "cool"
Sian: "ok"
Jess: in a whinie voice "oh... how come i cant seem to do it in sync with you guys?"

Left to right: Sian, Jess, John
Jess: "YES!!! I finally did it!!!"
John & Sian (together): "um, we wern't even doing it that time!"

Tonight I found Mum watching TV like this..
With Minou in her arms!! Its coooold tonight in Katoomba! Mum's nicely rugged up with her Possum wool/fur jacket from NZ and Minou (the cat) has his woollen jacked knitted by my grandma on too!! so cute!Hope you enjoyed the *fun* photos!?!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Twelve...

This week im a little behind on Emily's card challenge.. usually my card is up by monday night!!

The prompt for this week: "i believe"

I decided to write how i believe in keeping a positive attitude on life and everything really. It all started when my parents came back from a holiday in Switzerland last year, my mum brought me back a t-shirt which on the front has the swiss flag and says "positive attitude". As I work for my parents in a Swiss restaurant in Katoomba (Swiss Cottage) i wear that t-shirt at work and so many people comment on it by saying they like the statement im making. So, it got me thinking... yes, its true! If you keep a positive attitude all will go well!
(since then I asked my Grand ma to post me over 2 more of the t-shirts, now i have an endless supply!!! hehe)



Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Missing Persons!!

Hi Everyone!!

No, you dont have to fill out a missing persons report.. i am still here!! lol!
I've been busy with work and headaches etc this week. Unfortunately my head have been annoying me and i hate going on about it but gosh it is so painful sometimes! Luckily it was ok today as I went to visit the BEAUTIFUL little baby im going to start nannying!!

This is little Jade. She is the cutest little baby!! This photo was taken last month! She now has a feeding tube in as she is not the best with eating! So when i first found out she was going to have a feeding tube i was a little worried that it would be too hard to feed her. But today I fed her.. by the bottle first (I need a little more practice there as she didtn drink much) and then the rest down the tube. She is the best little baby.. she sits in her high chair and plays with her toys while she is being fed and is so good! Not all babies would sit there so patiently! Im really happy to be looking after her as she is the cutest little girl and she smiles so much!!

On the weekend my brother and Sian came over to my parents house and they shaved minou the cat... oh, poor minou!! He really needed it as he is an old althritic cat and he cant clean is back anymore.. so now he is all soft.. but ofcourse the next morning we all woke up to typical mountain weather... 15degrees.. poor minou was so cold.. so i took a little vest my grandma had knitted for a doll and minou now wears it all day long. so cute..

Sian and I went climbing on monday morning. Sian was climbing so well especially since she's had about 3 months break from it. I on the other hand wasnt doing well at all.. i wasnt feeling 100%.

Until then...
i hope everyone is having a great day!!

Xx Jess

Friday, 23 March 2007

A new layout..

Well, yesterday i had the day off work thanks to a sinus headache. I've still got it today but i guess i just have to toughen up, as frustrating and sore as it is.

I did get to do a layout yesterday though...
It's of my boyfriend Matt and Steve. It was taken on Steve's wedding day and Matt was the best man!! I love this photo of them as they both look so natural and are genuinely laughing and enjoying themselves!

I hope you like it?!

Xx Jess

Thursday, 22 March 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

Thanks Sian.. Your the 1st person to have ever tagged me!!
Ok, so here goes..

If your life was a film what would the soundtrack be?

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library. (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits:
Innocent Eyes - Delta Goodrem

Waking Up:
Something Stupid - Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

First Day At School:
Neon - John Mayer

Falling In Love:
1979 - Hilltop Hoods

Fight Song:
Mr Wendall - Arreted Development

Breaking Up:
Daughters - John Mayer

These Boots are Made for Walking - Nancy Sinatra

Do what you have to do - Sarah McLachlan

Making babies:
Im waiting for the man - David Bowie!! (hahaha)

Mental Breakdown:
Gamble Everything for Love - Ben Lee (oh gosh!)

Hip Hip Horray - Sneaky Sound System

So Beautiful - Pete Murray

Getting back together:
Grace Kelly - Mika

Upside Down - Jack Johnson

Birth of Child:
Papa Dont Preach - Kelly Ozbourne (hmmmm)

Final Battle:
My Friend - Groove Armada

Death Scene:
My Humps - Black Eyed Peas!! (what the?!)

Funeral Song:
The Wind - Cat Stevens

End Credits:
Stopping All Stations - Hilltop Hoods

Well, that was fun!!! I tag everyone that comes and visits my blog.... Leave me a message in the comments so i can come and visit it on your blog!!!!

Cyber Crop - Week Seven...

I've had a little break from the Cyber Crop over the last few weeks, I just didnt have time to do it.. but i finally went to the Scrapbooks, Paper & Things website and found another great challenge posted up by Lusi Austin!

The Challenge:
"Tag - You're it!"
Make 4 TAGS Embellish these as desired
You must include:
* At Least 1 BASIC GREY paper
Now scrap a layout using these 4 TAGS!

I thought this will be fun!!! I actually had a theme in mind.. and I decided to scrap all the tags then put them onto a layout, so i had no idea what the finished product was going to look like...

Here's what I came up with...
Let me know what you think! Thanks :)

"What makes me, me"




Monday, 19 March 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Eleven...

This (so far) is my favourite card prompt given to us from Emily!

The prompt for this week: "your initial..."

I had lots of fun making this card! I used a photo, chipboard letter "J", ribbon, flowers, a brad, I painted the front of the card pink and inked the back of the card pink, used a stamp & stamped on some silver flowers, used a sticker "j", and wrote some journaling!!

I hope you all enjoy looking at my card! Im off to look at yours (tfs)!!



Friday, 16 March 2007

Lusi's RAK

Well, last night we were all working nice and hard (At the Swiss Cottage Restaurant) when a familiar face walked throught the door... LUSI!! I hadn't actually met Lusi in person yet, but i recognised her straight away!! Lusi, it was fantastic to meet you (finally) in real life!! John, Sian, Marie and I were so excited you dropped by!!
I was also lucky enough to get a RAK (which I only learn't last night what it meant... Random Act of Kindess) from Lusi!! It was so excitng!! It felt like christmas!!
A *big* thank you to Lusi for all the goodies!!

Here's what I got:

- felt
- stickers
- stamps
- a door hanger
- brads (heard shape)
- ribbon
- sandpaper
- confetti shapes
- tags
- a note book to keep a record of every thing i use on layouts! (great idea!!)
- chip board
& - thread!

How exciting!!! *thankyou*

We all cant wait to meet up for some scrpbooking or just to have some fun all together!!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Coeliac Disease

Yesterday I went to a Gastrologist doctor regarding my blood test reults saying I have Coeliac Disease. Well, he said he's 99.999'% sure i've got it but it can only be confirmed by taking 6 biopsies of my gut or bowel or something - eek! So in 3 weeks im going into day surgery to get these biopsies done.
So, i know if i get the diagnosis, which is highly likely, i won't ever again be able to eat foods which contain Gluten :(
Here are some favourites that i'll have to give up:
- pasta

- jatz crackers
- cakes

- breads
- pasteries
- PIZZA (noooooooo!!!)

So im quite concerned as i dont want to have to think about what im eating all the time!! And I really dont want to be one of those "fussy" customers in restaurants!
But on the other hand, once i get diagnosed (and if its positive) i'll be able to go on the gluten free diet and aparently start feeling *great* within a number of weeks - im looking forward to that!! :)

So i guess its bitter sweet!! lol

oh also, seeing as the Op. isn't until 3 weeks away.. i'm cramming in as MUCH gluten yummy stuff that I can!!! hehehe

Sorry to bore you all!! lol

Xx Jess

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

a layout for the fridge

I did a quick *bright* layout for the fridge today! Its not my usual style but I was told by my dietician that my food needs to be colourful, so I wanted something bright and colourful to remind me of this.. and what better than a layout!!

So here it is:

(you brighten my world)

Our fridge:

Art Journal Challenge - Week Ten

Once again, a *fun* challenge from Emily Falconbridge!
The prompt for this week: "note to self"

Well, i could of put a number of things like:
- fold the pile of clean clothes on the spare bed
- go to dentist
- vaccuum
- pay bills
etc etc

But i thought i'd put one of the more special and fun things on my card that I need to remind myself to do. Send out more letters and photos by good old fashioned "postman" mail to friends and relatives that dont live so close to me. I just think that getting a letter in the post is so fun and much more personal than an email so i really want to send a few more out!!



Monday, 12 March 2007

Been a while...

Hello hello!!

Its been a while since I last posted! I like to keep my posts nice and interesting.. and well, nothing that interesting has been happening!!
We all worked nice and hard at work this week but it was pretty easy as
John and Sian are now back from Europe!!! (thanks for all the gifts and Swiss chocolate guys!!! YUM YUM!!) SO that means there are two more ppl at work again, and it makes a big difference especially on a booked out saturday night!!

So I thought i'd post three photos that make me happy today...

This is my Mum & Me & my cat Ruby, on Mum's bday in 2005! Doesn't Ruby look thrilled to be there? HAHAH!

This is Matty at Penrith White Water Centre in December last year! He loves the white water rafting! And i love this photo!

A rose from Steve and Eva on New Years Eve this year! So pretty!

Xx Jess

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Nine...

I enjoyed doing Emily's challenge this week!
The Prompt for this week: "inspiration found!"

Im Inspired by so much, that it was hard to fill it onto a small card - lol. My Mum, My friends, My Boyfriend, Magazines, Blogs, TV, People and most of all photographs and looking thru the viewfinder of my camera!!

On the front of my card i put a tag that came on a dress Matt bought me for christmas. I loved the picture on it, especially the cat chasing the butterflies! Everytime i look at it i find something new on it. It really inspires me, and to think... it was just a tag on a dress.

Thank you to everyone who leaves comments! I love this challenge as I get to see what you all do and I get to share with you what I do! I love it!!



Monday, 5 March 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week 8

I've had a busy week so im a little behind with Emily's Challenge. Here is week 8...

The Prompt for this week: "who (or what) do you miss?"

Easy. My Grandparents which we call SuGus (Click here if you want to know why we call them that) live in Switzerland. But they have stayed with us for three months and only left a week ago back to there home. I miss there great company when im up in the mountains staying with my parents!

i've actually used a photo that was blurry. But i love the photo, as my Grandpa never smiles much in photos so i was tickling him in this one to make him laugh, it was just a normal day of them being with us. When they are in Oz, it feels like they have always been there.



Saturday, 3 March 2007

Steve & Eva's Wedding 2.3.07

WoW!!! This was a *beautiful* wedding!! Up at Pearl Beach near Gosford, such a gorgeous location! Everything about the wedding was perfect, including the weather!!! The only little hiccup would be that Steve forgot his pants in Sydney!!! Luckily Eva was still in Sydney (although in the car and one her way) to do a u turn and go back and get them... hmmm! I cant imagine what she was thinking!
We all had an amazing time and both the bride and groom (and best man!!! Matty!!) looked gorgeous!! I think i'll let the photos do the talking...
I hope you've got time... i've uploaded a few of them!!!
Xx Jess

Steve Before he got his pants!! & Matty
Kato & Bec doing a few last minute changes (love this photo! I think its the concentration on their faces!)
The Groom & Best Man

Matty the Best Man (& my beautiful boyfriend)

Andrew - The Photographer & good friend of steve & eva

Ewan & Sherlyn

Matt & Jess (me!) Kato & Bec


MattyMikey and EwanGeoff and Toni

The PANTS have arrived (phew!!!)
Erica - look at that camera - WOW!Here comes the Beautiful Bride!

Steve is happy now!

Bride and Groom"I do"beautifulthe certificatethe crowdCONGRATULATIONSlook at the beautiful bunch of flowers!