Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nappy Cake!

I've recently had my 2nd Nappy Cake order!! Wohoo! Business is booming!!!! HAHAHAHA!
I was asked to make a cake for a baby girl with minimal pink. I ended up using a yellow & grey theme with a splash of pink!
Im really happy with this cake! It my favourite one so far! I love the colours!
What do you think??

(minus the chocolate bar - I ate that! I tried putting it on the cake but it just didn't look right!)
The finished product:

  • 32 newborn nappies
  • 1 (newborn size) Pumpkin Patch tshirt
  • 1 (size 0-3 mth) Pumpkin Patch leggings
  • a pair of socks
  • nail clippers
  • nail scissors
  • 1 baby's bottle
  • 1 glow in the dark 'happy baby' dummy
  • 1 'bright stars' teething rattle.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

"family day"

Every wednesday Matty takes the day off work (he works weekends) and we have a "family day" we even used to do this before Libby was born! I love being able to spend time as a family!! Some wednesdays we dont do much, just hang out all together and sometimes we do fun and exciting things! Living in Sydney means there is always somewhere beautiful to go to spend the day!

We drove to Manly and caught the ferry into the city! It was such a nice day and we all enjoyed the ferry trip....
When we got to the city we walked over to The Rocks and looked at a few shops and then Matt saw a little cafe where basically everything was gluten free or at least had a gluten free option. So I said we definately had to have lunch there!! We both had kebabs! Wow! I gluten free kebab! That was the first time i've had one of those and it was yummy!!!
We then walked back to Circular Quay and hung out there for a while before going to the Opera House and for a walk in the Botanical Gardens whilst Libby had a very short nap!
Then it was the afternoon and time to hop back on the Ferry and head home!
We had a wonderful day!
Xx Jess

Monday, 17 August 2009

what a toy!

When Libby was about 9 months old, I decided she needed a new bath toy. It was late, the shops were closed, so... I improvised! I got a plastic cup and pierced lots of holes on the bottom of it with the belt buckle holey thingy on my swiss army knife, I gave it to Libby and realised the water wasn't folwing out fast enough so I added holes all around the bottom edge of the cup. Voila! Done! A plastic shower cup!

She is now 14 months old and is still playing with this home made toy the most during bathtime!!! As you can see in the background... the expensive fisher price bath toys hardly even get used! Its all about the cup!!!

I wanted to share this with anyone reading who has little kids! Its a good fun bath toy! And no, she doesn't drink from the cup as the water flows out too fast! And she's usually too interested in watching it flow out or trying to catch the water with her free hand! Too cute!
Xx Jess

a 'taste' of summer..

Yesterday the mercury topped a nice 26°! Its still oficially winter here in Sydney! It was so nice! And today is a beautiful warm day again!!! How exciting! Im loving this weather! Its so nice to see Libby's skin too! Its been all rugged up since we got back from Hawaii! I think Libby is loving this warm weather too! Thanks to Matt and I giving her a yummy iceblock to eat and get all sticky with!

Here's to many more sunny, sticky and fun days ahead!!!
Xx Jess

Sunday, 16 August 2009

big appetite!

Libby LOVES her food! She isn't fussy at all. She'll eat just about anything! We are very lucky to have such a good eater!! I'd have to say she is loving eating corn on the cob at the moment! I've been cooking up lots of it for her!
And every day she is getting better and better at using her fork! Still a way to go though!
Just thought i'd share!
Xx Jess

Friday, 14 August 2009

3 months to go...

....till OUR WEDDING!!!!

Oh wow!
Still so much to organise!!!
Im so nervous, excited, happy!!!
I cant wait!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

1. A new mattress!!
Our mattress is GROSS! It stinks and its mouldy! I cant believe we both aren't sick all the time from it! Its all stained + we got it secon hand years ago! I've been nagging Matt to get a new one for ages. Mum has a bed she will give us (with an awesome mattress) when they sell their place, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so I think a new cheap mattress will do us good in the meantime!
2. My Hair to be automatically coloured...
without a tedious trip to the hairdressers! hahaha! Now this is a wish I know wont come true! haha! Its 3 months till our wedding so I really should get my hair done so that I can just have a little hair appointment closer to the big day. This is hard for me as I usually only go to the hairdresser once a year. Dentist or Hairdresser? Im not sure which is worse! lol

3. Summer!!
I'm over cold days and having to rug up! I cant wait to be able to dress Libby back into her gorgeous summer clothes and for Matt and I to take her to the beach every afternoon!!

What are your wishes for the week??
Xx Jess

Sunday, 9 August 2009

this little piggy

Liberty is starting to get long hair! its only long at the back though, so its a bit of a mullet at the moment! I cant bring myself to cut it as I know it will grow nice and long soon! Today I put it into her first set of piggy tails!! How cute!!! She is growing so fast!!!!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 6 August 2009

This time last year...

We were on holidays in Perth! Look how tiny Liberty was! She was only about 8-9 weeks old!
I cant believe how much she has grown in a year!
I think its time for another holiday again! heheXx Jess

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Thanks Dar for tagging me for your fun blog game!!
Im playing along this week! If anyone else wants to play just addit to your blog and let Dar know, she'd love that!
Okay so my wishlist today....

1. No more snotty noses!!!
Poor little Libby has had a cold and runny nose for a week now! I just wish for it to go away!
2. A personal chef!
I mean, is that too much to ask?!! haha! I really dont know what to cook for dinner, I hate trying to think of what to make!
3. A new wardrobe!
Im so sick of my clothes! I feel like im living in a cartoon! You know how cartoons characters always wear the same thing? Well, thats me! I hate shopping and can never find anything nice! Maybe I should actually wish for a personal shopper and stylist!

Well that was good fun!! Hope lots of people join in!
Xx Jess

Liberty and the goat...

She has no fear of animals! She loves them all! Too cute!
Xx Jess

Monday, 3 August 2009

Swiss National Day

The 1st of August is Swiss National Day! Liberty and I were up in Katoomba with the family and everyone dressed up for the day. Mum, Dad, John and Sian were all working but Libby and I were there to celebrate anyways! We took lots of photos, Enjoy....
Seeing as its Swiss National Day, Libby has a very Swiss lunch... A Veal Sausage and a Rosti. Yes, she ate it ALL!!
With Mummy
Still a little unsteady on her feet sometimes
Little 'Heidi'
With Grand Mamy
With Grand Papa
With her God mother/Aunty Siany
The whole Gang
It was a fun day!
Xx Jess