Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hi Everyone!!!
Well, today is halloween!!! I've got to say from looking at lots of blogs of you American Ladies I see its *huge* over there!! Over here its not anyway near as big but the shops are starting to offer lots of decorations for it and stuff!!
Im hoping to have a few "trick or treaters" cos I have some lollies and little witches (in the photo) to give the kids!!! I used to go trick of treating when I was little with my
brother and some friends of ours.. and I still remember some one gave us $2!! WOW!! I remember being so excited!! And even though its not that big here... we still ended up with bags full of yummy goodies!!!

I have been tagged again this week by the lovely
I've filled one of these out before but it was AGES ago, and I like filling these thingys out!!!
So here goes...

4 Places I Have Worked:
3. Harry's Bar Montreux Palace, Switzerland

4 Places I Have Visited:
1. Northern Territory
2. China
3. South Island, NZ
4. Hamilton Island

4 Favourite Foods:
1. Tacos
2. Raclette cheese
3. Chocolate!! mmmmm!
4. Raspberry yoghurt

4 Places I Would Rather Be (right now):
1. Hamilton Island
2. In a nice swimming pool somewhere!
3. At the movies!! I havent been in ages!
4. Im actually pretty happy to be home doing not much at all today!! :)

On monday Mum,
Sian and I went to IKEA, which is always good fun!!
Here are a few of the goodies I bought:

Those 2 cylinder pillows.... unfortunately the colour is brighter than i thought it would be but they are handy!! Our couch is really wide so perfect for lounging about.. but these pillows help support your back when you just want to sit up!

This awesome napkin holder.. I actually copied the idea from my friends Kato and Bec who have had one for years!! I just think they look awesome and its the best napkin holder ever!!! ;)

Finally! A new computer chair!!! And its so comfy!!! Very happy with this purchase!!! I didnt like any of the 'actual' computer chairs, I didnt want that office look... but I found this one in the dining section and its perfect!!

Thats all my show'n'tell for today! Scroll down to the next post to see a layout I did for a Cyber Challenge!!
Happy Halloween!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 25 October 2007

your number's up..

This week I did a challenge hosted by Lusi Austin over at Scrapbook Paper and Things... its a numbers challenge and this weeks number is the number 10!
So I used 10 brads and took the photo on the 10th month of the year!!

Here is what I came up with....

"matty's business"

only two more months... (yay!!)

I've added a ticker count down thingy for christmas over >>>>(there)>>>>>>>>>> And im so excited!!! I want to try and start buying pressies now as then there is no stress coming closer to the festive season!! I dont want to be stressed at my favourite time of year!! Matty and I have already got gifts for most of his side of the family since they are in NZ, we gave them to Matt's dad to take back with him when he was over visiting!

Last week I was tagged by the lovely
Esther! So im finally going to do it now!!
Tell 8 things you're grateful about.

"Enjoy the little things, one day you might look back and realize they were the big ones"

1. Matty: My beautiful boyfriend! Next month, it will be 4 years since we started going out!! I love him more every day! And things are becoming stronger between us and I know next year is going to be an exciting one for us!
2. My Mum and Dad: They are so understanding and supportive of everything i do. They are also my bosses and I am very lucky that they are and they are so flexible with me at work!
3. My Brother, John and Sian: Sian is like a sister to me and we are very close. John and I get on pretty well for brother and sister I recon. Its good to be able to spend time and work with them!! (and scrapbook with sian!! ;)
4. My friends: Some I see pretty much every week, some I havent seen in years! But I love them all!!!
5. Scrapbooking: Hmmm, although I havent actually done any scrapbooking in over a month.. I love it! Its a great way to relax and Im proud of my pages.
6. Climbing: Love it!!! Im having a little break at the moment! But i know it means i'll be even more excited and into it when i "get back on the wall"!
7. Nannying: I love Jade! I love spending my tuesdays with her, she is an adorable baby! And watching her do new things every week is amazing, she is such a clever little one!!
8. I love my life! Im happy!

Im hoping to start the new scrapbooking challenge over at Scrapbook Paper and Things hosted by the talented Lusi Austin! Its a challenge all about numbers, go and check it out!! Its looks like good fun!!!

And if you want to see some great entertaining short videos go and visit Siany's Blog. She has put together some great mini movies of my brother and his magician friend Jonas! Very cool!!!

I'll leave you with a photo I took while i was nannying a few weeks ago, of a proud mummy bird and her brand new babies (if you look closely, there is still an egg that hasn't even hatched yet!) so adorable!!!
Xx Jess

Friday, 12 October 2007

Hi All...

Just letting you know yes, im still alive!!!
We've just had so much going on these past few weeks and nothing to blog about!!
I havent done any scrapbooking in weeks!! I'm hoping my mojo will come back SOON!!!
Matty has been busy working at ProKayaks!! If your close to Narrabeen.. now seems to be the perfect time to go out on the lake for a kayak or on a pedal boat.. so pop on down to Pro Kayaks at the Boat Shed to hire one!!! Its great fun!!!

I'll be back with a post within in a week as i plan to dedicate an enitre day to scrapbooking next week!!!!
Until then.. i leave you with a photo of my parents Restaurant/home (which is for sale if anyone's interested!!!!)
Xx Jess