Wednesday, 31 December 2008

*Happy New Year!!!*

2008 was a FANTASTIC year!!! The highlight ofcourse was the birth of our Daughter Liberty in May! And ever since then, everyday has been filled with new milestones met, and the most love and pride for her ever! I cant imagine what my life was like without her.
We've been on many holidays, Forster twice, Perth, Victoria. I've been up to Katoomba to visit family many times.
We've all been nice and healthy (besides all the times i've been struck down with Mastitis - but i cant complian!), happy and in love!
Here's for another great year ahead...

*Happy New Year!!!*
(Photo from last years NYE)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Noel Noel

We had a wonderful christmas! It was so exciting to be able to celebrate Liberty's first christmas all together! Im amazed we are here... the end of the year! I remember when Liberty was born (7 months ago) and I thought it would be AGES till christmas, and now, its already been and gone! Crazy!

My family all came down to Narrabeen and rented a house for 3 nights from It was a nice place, spacious, right on the lake with a pretty view. Also a spacious lounge room which was cool.
Up until chrissie, we all hung out together! Mum and I went kayaking one day. We played Rummingkin. We all went up to Dunes at Palm Beach for lunch which was yummy (Matty didnt come as he was working).
I love this photo of John and Liberty in the restaurant! Look at John posing and Liberty trying to open her mouth as wide as possible in hope that John will stop posing and continue feeding her asap!! hahaha
We celebrate our christmas on Christmas Eve. For dinner we had a yummy BBQ and mum set the table really nicely also with the help of Siany who made us all gorgeous little gifts which you can see here. So cute!!!
We were all spoilt with lovely gifts! I recieved a moblie phone from Matty, some awesome shoes from John and Sian and a gift voucher and mum and dad gave us a gift basket full of goodies and cash and ofcourse a photo we'd had done earlier by a photographer!
We gave all sorts of gifts, I'd say the most successful one was the one we gave to mum! Which was a pendant made of silver with Liberty's finger print on it! Very special. HERE is the company I used.
Here was my favourite gift.... Watching Libby opening all her gifts...

My Grandmamy in Switzerland also knitted us 2 pairs of socks each!! She makes them all herself and they are beautiful! Here is a photo of all of us wearing our new socks... I also love this photo of Matt, Liberty and I. Look at Liberty, she's got the hang of this 'opening gifts' business - hahaha....

Here is another collage of photos from Christmas...

On christmas day, we went over to the accommodation where my parents were renting for the morning. John and Siany had left early in the morning to spend christmas with Siany's family. Then later in the day Mum and Dad left to go back up the mountain, so Matty, Libby and I headded for the beach!!!
We went to Manly beach and took Libby's new sand toys her Grand mamy and Grand Papa gave her. It was good fun! Liberty was loving it! She was eating the sand - ewe! And then she spent a while playing in the water! Too cute!

Christmas night we just stayed at home and relaxed. It then occured to me that coles would not be open, so for chrissie dinner we had baked beans with rice and cheese - ops!!! But we both love baked beans so it was all good!

We all had a great christmas, and hope you did too!!!
I may add more chrissie photos as im still waiting on some from Siany's camera too.

Xx Jess

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Guess who..

was the centre of attention this christmas....
We've had a wonderful christmas full of fun, laughter, gifts, food and love!
Off to have some more chrissie fun!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Joyeux Noel/ Merry Christmas!!!

To all our family members, friends and blog readers we wish you all a
*Merry Christmas*!
Pour ma famillie en Suisse et nos amis je vous souhaite un
*Joyeux Noel*!
With love....
Jessy, Matt and Libby

Monday, 22 December 2008

tis the season....

Last night a whole bunch of us went to 'carols by the lake'! It was good fun!!
To tell you the truth, we couldnt really see (or hear) the carols that well, but it was fun to all be out and about and be festive! We had 4 babies, lots of adults, a picnic and there were even fireworks!! fun fun!!

Today my family arrive to sydney so we can all celebrate this silly season together!! Yay!

Before they arrive i must get back to cooking baby food!! And ofcourse meet up with mothers group one more time before chrissie!!!
Hope you are all haveing a great time too!!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Time to....

Start child proofing the house i think!!!!
Xx Jess

Friday, 19 December 2008

6 days to go...

till Liberty's first christmas!!!
How exciting!!!
Xx Jess

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Matt and I took Libby to get a carseat!!! From THIS place who gave us great service!
Up until now she has been in her baby capsule the Safe-n-Sound Unity Baby Carrier which has been an awesome car seat, which also attached to my stroller which was fantastic in Liberty's first few weeks of life!
But it was now time to upgrade to a forward facing carseat! We bought the Safe-n-Sound Meridian AHR carseat for $505.

Im very happy with the it! It looks very comfy too. She fell asleep in it on the short drive home...
I think she is very happy to be able to face us now!! Im happy to be able to turn my head around and see her too!

I also met up with a couple of my Mothers Group friends today, and this afternoon i've been taking it easy as my mastitis is still taking a toll on me! I cant wait for the meds to work!!!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


with mastitis (again!). So depressing! I haven't had mastitis since Libby was 10 weeks old! I've had engorgement and very close calls but managed to prevent it. Not today. I thought i had caught it early enough but no. So Libby and I have just spent the last hour at the medical centre. Hopefully this will be the very last time EVER that i get this dang thing!
Libby was so good in the waiting room. Im so lucky to have a good baby!
Here is a piccie of her to make me feel all better...
Okay, I better go take an antibiotic and see if she wants a feed!!!
Xx Jess

happy mail!

How lucky am I??? The very talented Lee Woodside created a layout of Liberty for me, she's left the journaling block blank so i can journal on it!
(photo from Lee's blog)
And she also made me this gorgeous Mini Album, which is Adorable!!! I cant wait to add photos onto it!!!
(photo from Lee's blog)

Thank You so much Lee!!! Christmas has come early for me!!!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Not long now....

In 9 days its Christmas!! Im so excited!!
Liberty's first christmas!
This gang....

(Siany, John, My Mum, Matty, Liberty, Me & My Dad)
are all coming down to the beach to celebrate christmas together!!!
Cant wait!!
Xx Jess

Monday, 8 December 2008

just a little spare change...

Hi everyone,
When I was pregnant Matt and I went to the hospital once a week for 6 weeks to do an antenatal class, with a group of very excited, nervous & very pregnant couples! We all had fears about the birth, excitement and also hope. We all had the same wish, that no matter what sex our babies were, or the colour of their hair, we all really just wanted our babies to be healthy.

Then came time to PUSH (ouch!) We all gave birth to BEAUTIFUL babies, and a few weeks later came the time for our antenatal reunion. We all sat in a circle showing off our new bundles of joy and all having a turn at talking about our birth experiences and life as new parents.
The usual was said by most parents, you know, Things like "i had a natural, drug free birth", "i tore badly", "i havent slept for more than 3 hours in a row", "i love breastfeeding" etc etc etc, (i think you get the drift).
Then it was the turn of one of the lovely couples to show off their adorable baby girl who was born with V.A.T.E.R syndrome. You should see how positive they are. They did not complain about the tough times but were just so thankful for the hospital that are helping their baby girl through her rough start to life.

Thanks to the Westmead Childrens Hospital this beautiful baby girl is being looked after. And now, their local radio station is hosting a christmas appeal for the childrens hospital at westmead. They are asking for a donation (doesn't have to be much, but every cent counts).

The appeal starts on Thursday 11th December at 9am through to 12pm on Saturday the 13th. If you are able to donate, or even better, become a 'coin patroller' it would be fantastic!!! You can donate on line, in person or by the phone.

"Our local radio station is organising a COIN PATROL for WESTMEAD CHILDRENS HOSPITAL to help change the lives of sick kids like our daughter, if any one can help that would be FANTASTIC!!!!!! As a coin patroler, a donation, or some spare change to me to put in."

Please, CLICK HERE for all the information if you feel you may be able to donate.

Thank you

"PS Our daughter is doing fantastic she is recovering very well from a 10 hour operation 2 weeks ago and another investigation op today.Tis was her 6th general annisetic today.. She is a trooper!!"

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Hi everyone!
Well, its been a week since I last posted..
Libby and I have been to Mothers Group & Gymbaroo.
On wednesday Matt and I took Libby to have her 6 month injections. Poor little thing, they gave her both needles at the same time which was good and she only cried for about a minute. However that night she was crying a fair bit and seemed sad. She didnt have a temperature, but after her bath i just thought i'd push the bandaid (that was over her needle prick) a little as it was falling off, and Libby started screaming. She was obviously in pain. I gave her a bit of panadol (the first time she's ever taken panadol) and she seemed to calm down within 10 minutes. She's got a nasty bruise there now.
Here are some recent piccies and some facts about her...
Liberty - Six months old
  • 8.7kg
  • can sit for long periods of time unassisted
  • eats two meals a day and still has 6 breastfeeds a day
  • sleeps through the night much more often than not
  • can get up on her hands and knees and rock back n forth, she goes backwards well, and is starting to inch forward
  • loves socialising with other babies
  • loves going to feed the ducks
  • she's a very happy girl, always smiling
  • her squeals are very high pitched, the happier she is, the louder the squeal.
  • loves having books read to her

We are so lucky, Matt and I love her very much!!!
Here she is on all fours.....Here she is in the little outfit my dad bought her ages ago, and she now fits in...On thursday Libby and I braved the shopping centre to do some more xmas shopping, im nearly done, will have to go back though, unfortunately. It was so busy! Whilst we were there we hung out with some of our mothers group friends and then went shopping!

On friday Libby and I went to St Ives to meet up with Daria and her beautiful boy Kaia! She's 15 weeks pregnant *congrats* Dar! It was great to finally catch up with her again!
Here's a piccie of Libby and Kaia
On saturday Matt and Pro Kayaks were sponsors of a kayak/orienteering race and Matt laid out the course, so he had been busy all week leading up to it, and very busy on this hot day. About 100 people participated in the race which was an ok turn out, could of been better.
Matty is now in NZ racing in a kayak race on the South Island, he is also down there spending time with his dad and nephew. I'm sure he is having a great time!
Tomorrow is our mothers group chrissie party (cant wait) and the next day is our gymbaroo chrissie party!
I love this time of year!!!
Xx Jess

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Last night...

Matty, Liberty and I drove out to Bass Hill to the Velodrome to watch the Clarence Street Cyclery Cup. I've been once before and I really enjoyed it, I know nothing about cycling but there was a great commentator last time and he made it very enjoyable, I was just hoping that he'd be there again last night and.... he was!!! I even got to say hi to him!!!
Liberty LOVED it!!! We arrived at about 7pm (bloody traffic) which is just on Liberty's bed time, but we walked into the velodrome and Liberty got so excited! She was squealing with delight and flapping her arms and legs for over an hour! While we were there I gave her some dinner (very late again as she was due for dinner whilst we were on the looooong drive) she ate half of a big mashed banana. Good Girl!
We had a great night going out as a little family! I didnt take my camera, but I did take a couple of photos on my camera moblie phone...

And I also took a little video of how excited Libby was. Enjoy..

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Libby turned 6 months old and tried spinach for the first time!!!
Here's a little video! I dont ususally get her face that grubby, but trying to film and feed was getting rather messy!! Its cute though!
So here she is eating a mix of Spinach, Carrot and Potato! (I started feeding her solids at 5 1/2 months old)


Sunday, 23 November 2008

today we...

Put up the christmas tree!! Yay!!
This is the earliest i've ever put it up! I was actually going to put it up next tuesday to celebrate Liberty's turning 6 months old birthday, but seeing as it was so cold and yucky today, Libby and I decided it was the perfect day to turn the tv off, put on some music and decorate the tree (and house)...
Xx Jess

Friday, 21 November 2008

a mini book...

Thanks to Siany for inspiring me to make a mini book, as she just created one and uploaded it to her Flickr account. I decided to make one too! I have photos printed from our holiday to Perth last August and I was just going to put them in an album, but this was a way better idea.
So last night and today during Libby's naps I created this album...
Thanks also to Siany for saying that i can burrow her 'bind-it-all' so that i'll be able to actually bind this album together once we see eachother again!
Xx Jess