Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

I hope everyone has a wonderful easter!! We will be taking it easy at home whilst Matt and the rest of the family work. The girls are so excited to have the easter bunny visiting on Sunday. Although, thanks to all the shops being filled with easter eggs, I'm having a hard time to convince Liberty that she will recieve easter eggs from the easter bunny and not from the shops! Haha!
Actually, she thinks the Easter Bunny will go and buy them from the shops for her but I've told her that he will be making them for her and Indiana!
Term two will be exciting with Liberty being signed up for Gymnastics (instead of swimming) for the term and Indiana will do Gymbaroo again. I should hopefully still not be too heavily pregnant to do all the dances with her! Haha!

**Happy Easter**
Stay Safe, especially on the roads this Easter!