Saturday, 31 May 2008

photos of Liberty

Hello Everyone!!
Thank you so so much for all your kind comments! I've read each and every one a few times!!!
I cant believe Liberty is already a week old tomorrow!! I will hopefully get round to writing the 'birth story' soon!!
I just thought i'd share some photos of our little baby girl who is doing wonderfully! She's a very relaxed, alert and contente little baby so far! We are lucky!
Xx Jess
Just minutes old...

In the hospital...

Our little family!! Look at the view I had from my hospital room!!!The proud DaddyBurping time Going home! (2 days old)Im so happy with my little girl!

With Grandmamy! Thank you mum for all your help over the first few days!! Without you and Matty I wouldn't have coped so well!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Our beautiful baby Girl...
Born on Sunday Morning
Weighing; 3.4kg
We are so so happy!!! She is the best little baby ever!!!!
Just thought i'd pop in to let everyone know!!!
We are all doing great! (just a little sleep deprived! So worth it though!!!)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Its only a matter of days now....

Hi Everyone!
No, I still havent given birth yet! I go from feeling sh*t scared about the birth to very excited to wanting to get it over and done with so we can finally have our baby in our arms!!
I seem to have gathered up a couple of estimated due dates. The one I was originally given was the 24th may (which is tomorrow!!) I've been using this date pretty much throughout all my pregnancy, but since I had the ultrasound a few weeks ago they said the estimated due date is the 27th may, so i'm now going by that one seeing as everyone keeps telling me most 1st babies arrive late... so that means...
4 days to go!!!! Wohoo!!!
Im actually predicting monday the 26th! I like the # 26 cos im born on the 26th feb!
Anyways, here are a couple of photos...
The excited 'parents to be'... in a few days (or up to a couple of weeks) we will be living a whole new life with a whole new person to take care of!! I dont think we really know what we are in for yet, but we CANT WAIT!!!! Yep, this is my usual 'at home' outfit! It can be any time of the day! I find im most comfortable in flannie PJs and a jumper! This is the bump at 39 weeks!! looking nice and round like i've got a basket ball hidden under my skin!! heheThats it for now my blogging friends... i'll keep you all updated...
Xx Jess

P.S. You dont have much more time to play my guessing poll! Let me know what you think... am I having a boy or a girl?? And leave your name and a comment on there, i love to know who thinks what!!! At the moment 'boy' is the leader! Its pretty much been 'girl' the whole time but now the 'boy' is winning! What will it be??? (to play... look in my side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>)

Monday, 19 May 2008

No. I haven't had 'it' yet!!!

Hi Everyone!!
I've been missing in action for the past week or so, but not because budda has decided to pop out early but because i've been busy putting my blog onto blurb and creating a blog book! Im almost finished editing it - I want to get it done before the baby arrives!!

Last monday my Mum and Siany came down for a visit! We went to Palm Beach for lunch, it turned out to be the worst service and food ever! I wish I jotted the name down so I could warn any of you not to dine there! Then we drove back and stopped at a lookout for some piccies, and have afternoon tea in Mona Vale, and visited the cutest little baby clothing boutique - just brousing till we know what the sex is!

Me and Siany!
Me, the bump and my beautiful mum..
Mum and SianyThe three of usThat night Matty and I went to the movies to see "what happens in Vegas". We went because it was to raise money for a couple of female paddlers to go to the world championships!

On thursday I went and had my first ever pedicure!! My friend Mikey gave me this as a gift for my birthday back in February and I finally got round to doing it! It was a lovely experience! The day spa place was really pretty too!!

On friday Matty, Mikey and I drove up to Katoomba. We had dinner at the Swiss Cottage with our friends Matty A and Leea, and also with my family, Mum, Swen (my 2nd cousin from Switzerland) and his wife Celine! I really like them, we had a good night!
This is back at my parents home a little later in the night!
(L-R) Swen, Celine, Me, Dad & Mum

Celine and I posing with our 'belly shots' hehe! She is awaiting her 2nd baby. Her first baby Lea, is the CUTEST little baby!! (Celine 17 weeks, Jess 38 weeks)Here is a piccie of my mum and dad out the front of their restaurant... The reason for going all the way up to Katoomba when im about to give birth was because our friends Mikey and MattyA were doing a running race! Not just any running race! 100km trail run! And let me tell you, they were predicting snow for the evening the race was on!! brrrrrr! My Matty was Mikey's support crew and i decided just incase i fell into labour, i'd be better up there close to matty and my family than all alone down here in Narrabeen!

Here is MattyA and Mikey at the start of the race, early (7am) saturday morningWhilst the boys were racing and Matty supporting, I just veged out at my parents. I didnt feel too good and was totally exhausted, so I just rested up! I felt bad as all my family were next door working, but i would of been no help being so tired!

MattyA unfortunately pulled out of the run at the 60km mark due to a bad knee. Mikey soildered on... he finished the 100km race in 11hours and 53minutes which put him in 5th place! An awesome achievement!!!!

Today I had the visit of my Brother John and Siany. They came just to hang out! I did warn them that with only 8 days till my due date, I may not me the best company. We all just veged out here and went on a little walk by the lake to feed the ducks - ONE goose - and fish! We took a few piccies too...

Matty & I in our Swiss T-shirts Swen & Celine gave us!
John and Siany
8 days to go!! My bump at 39 weeks! I cant believe its nearly time!!! Oh, and incase your wondering, no, its not warm!!! I just put on a bikini so we could see all the big - white - bump!!!

Today after we came back from our walk along the lake, a HUGE surprise was awaiting us behind the door... these flowers!!! WOW!! All the way from my Friends Natalie and Keith who are in London! Wishing us well with the birth!! Im not sure if you read my blog Nattie, but THANK YOU!! It was the nicest surprise ever!!!

Thats it for now!!
The countdown is on for this little baby to join our world! We cant wait!!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

** Happy Mothers day to my Beautiful MUM!!! ** Sorry I am not there to celebrate with you! (but I will see you monday!!) Thinking of you!! Thank you for being the BEST Mum ever!! Love you!
Xx Jess
(photo of my family taken July 2007 - Dad, MUM, Me and My Brother John)
ETA: Although im not 'officialy' a mother yet.. Matty spoilet me with a pretty plant from him and Budda - so so nice!!! :)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Some new and some published Layouts...

Hi Everyone!
Thanks to the fact that there was nothing worth watching on TV last night (and thats saying something as im a TV adict!!) I managed to get some scrapbooking done!!

My 1st layout is a photo taken in Manly on monday. I met up with my parents and my 2nd cousin Swen and his family who are over from Switzerland. Their little baby girl Lea is so ADORABLE! They gave us some swiss t-shirts, and swiss chocolate (yummmm, the BEST!) and they also gave us a hamper of goodies for the baby! So kind!

"Swiss Visitors"

I also created this layout... with not long to go now!!! (18 days till the estimated due date today)

"countdown" In this months Scrapbooking Memories Magazine (Vol 10 No 1) I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the 'Free Paper Challenge'! I had to create one layout and one accent with the paper and lettering provided. Here are my published creations...

"jOhnny balance" "fun" embelishment/accent
I was so excited to see these in print also the fact that it takes up almost a whole page in the magazine!!! So exciting!
Thats it for now..
Hope you are all having a wonderful friday?!!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 3 May 2008

For Fun...

Hi Everyone!
I saw this on my friends Facebook page, and I thought i'd fill it out and put it on my blog! Its pretty long but I know i'll enjoy looking back and reading the answers in the future. Im not going to tag anyone but if anyone feels like doing it too, leave me a comment and a link to your blog cos i'd love to read your answers too!

The Basics:
Hair Colour: Bunette, with a bit of blonde creeping through
Eye Colour: Bluey grey, I think
Height: Um, 168cm, I think
Marital Status: De Facto. Waiting for a proposal!! Heheheh
Photo of Me: My Favourite...
Car: I don’t have a favourite, but I guess I will say my car, ASTRA, cos it gets me from A-Z!
Movie: Erin Brocovich
Hobby: Scrapbooking and Photography
Singer: Don’t have a favourite
Book: At the Moment. ‘The Escape’ by Carolyn Jessup. True story about Escaping a Cult
School Subject: Art was fun
Food: Chocolate
Restaurant: The Swiss Cottage Restaurant of course!!
Animal: Ruby and Minou. My cats!
Store: Anything with Baby stuff in it at the moment!!! And Target!
Baby Name: Well, you’ll have to wait another 4 weeks to find that out!!!
Person in your Life: All my Family, Matty and our baby ‘Budda’ who we still haven’t met yet!

This OR That:
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Big Mac or Whopper: Seeing as im a Coeliac, neither. But I’d say Big Mac from my Gluten Days!
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi Max
Beer or Wine: Neither – don’t drink
Coffee or Tea: Tea, Black with one sugar thanks! ;)
Facebook or My Space: Facebook!
Summer or Winter: Summer, although since I’ve been pregnant, I’ll have to say winter!
Windows or Mac: Windows
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Rain or Shine: Shine
Chips or Popcorn: Popcorn
Salty or Sweet: Sweeeeeet
Plane or Boat: Plane for sure!
Morning or Night: Both
Movie or Play: Nothing better than seeing a live performance, so I’ll say Play.
Walk or Drive: haha, Drive!
Money or Love: LOVE ♥
Breakfast or Dinner: Breakfast
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint
House or Apartment: I live in an apartment but if I had the choice…definitely HOUSE!

Do you…
Smoke: No
Drink: Fluids, yes. Alcohol, no.
Have any pets: Yes, but they live with my Mum and Dad – Ruby and Minou
(here I am with my two cats - photo taken in 2005! Its the only one I could find of both the cats together)

Have any children: One on the way… 24 days to go – not that im counting or anything! LOL
Exercise: Um, I’d say yes (pre pregnancy) Indoor Climbing. But Matty would say that’s not exercise.
Spend you life on Facebook: Um, tragically yeah, but im enjoying it before I become a busy Mum.
Play on a sports team: Nope
Belong to any Organisations: No
Love your job: I’m in between jobs atm. Loved my waitressing job and im positive im going to love being a Mum too!!
Love to cook: NO! Hate it.
Play an instrument: I did learn Piano when I was little, but im not very good.
Sing: I love to sing, but lets just say, if I auditioned for Australian Idol, I’d probably get on TV, but not in a good way!! Lol!
Dance: Also, I Love to dance, but if it auditioned for So you think you can dance, I’d also probably get on TV, also NOT in a good way!
Speak Multiple Languages: English and Francais
Ice Skate: Yes! Its good fun!
Swim: At the beach
Paint: No, not really. Im not very good.
Write: I write in my Diary, my Blog and also letters.
Ski: Yep, not all that well though! But its been a couple of years since I hit the slopes. Its great fun!
Juggle: No, I have trouble even catching a ball. My Brother on the other hand… he can juggle 5 balls!

(here he is juggling 3 clubs)
Have you ever…
Been Drunk before noon: Nope
Got caught telling a lie: Most probably
Got a speeding ticket: Yes, and the stupid thing was, it was a fixed speed camera where they have 3 signs before you even get to the camera. Idiot!
Been Arrested: no
Failed a class: no
Screened your phone calls: Yes. I don’t answer if I don’t know the #. They can just leave a message and then I’ll return it. Im sick of telemarketers calling me!
Eaten food off the floor: yes
Stuck gum under a desk: Um, I cant remember doing it, but I probably did once during my time in high school
Wished you were someone else: No. I wish I could dance like people, or sing like others, or be smart like some, but im also happy being me.
Cried during a movie: Yes. I hate sad movies. Id much rather laugh through a movie!

Describe yourself in one word: Happy
Biggest fear: Death
Biggest Mistake: Don’t have one
Your proudest accomplishment: Little Budda that’s growing inside me
#1 priority in your life: Little budda and my whole family.
Dream Job: at the moment its to be a stay at home mum… my dream job is about to come true!!!
Where are you right now: at the computer, obviously!!
Where would you rather be: Im happy here right now!

Xx Jess

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Today im off to have an ultrasound of the baby as my fundal height measurements are measuring quite small. Im not too worried as its such a little active baby and I feel like i've gotten bigger and I know im not a doctor but I do know whats going on in my body!
So hopefully i'll be able to add some photos of the little one to this post! Im excited (and nervous) to see it and tempted to find out the sex (but I wont!)
Only 24 days till its Estimated Due Date!
Wow! Not long now!!!
Xx Jess

Edited To Add...

Okay, so Matty and I went in this morning for the ultrasound and had the same lady that had done my 11 week and 19 week ultrasound. She's so nice! It was great to have her again!
The baby is fine!!! On most things its at the 50th percentile or just below! Its got short legs (like his/her Daddy!).

The Facts:
* The Estimated Due Date is now the 27th May (a few days later than previous EDD)
* The foetal weight is estimated at 2.723kg (+/- 398gm) which is on the 40th percentile.
* The biophysical profile is scored at 8/8
* The Amniotic fluid is at the lower range of normal

Other Stuff the Ultrasound Lady told/showed us:
* The placenta is in a good position
* The cervix is still closed, measuring in at 3.6cm
* The baby is not yet in its birthing postition, its head is facing down, but not ready to come out just yet!
* She showed us its little face and it had its fists up infront of his/her mouth, so we didnt get a good look at the face, but the little hands are so so so CUTE!!
* She showed us its HAIR!! Yep! Again, like its Daddy, it seems to have a fair bit of hair!! So CUTE again!

All is good news! I guess im just lucky at the moment that im all "bump" and no fat... there is still 4 weeks to go though!!! hehehe! I just cant wait for it to come out! I was hoping it would be early cos im getting impatient, but I dont think it will be!! I just cant wait to be able to cuddle our baby, and know if its a boy or a girl!!

Unfortunately we couldnt get a clear photo of the baby in my belly, but I can't leave you all without a baby 'fix'! My friend Daria, Emailed me these photos of her little boy Kaia today... isn't he gorgeous!! Wont be long till you have a little play mate or girlfriend Kaia!!! ;) Xx Jess