Sunday, 20 June 2010

Indiana's Birth Story...

I woke up on the morning of the 25th May 2010 with a few period pain symptoms, and I said to Matt before he left for work “I recon this baby is coming in the next 24-48hours”. Matt kind of just laughed.

Seeing as it was also Liberty’s 2nd birthday her Grandmamy & Grandpapa were just up the road at the local hotel. Mum arrived at about 9am and I figured these little ‘on and off’ again pains were most probably contractions. So I told mum and whilst she played with Liberty I went and properly packed my hospital bag.

The day went on as normal. Dad arrived and at about 10am. I had a ‘show’ so I called Matt (at work) just to let him know not to go too far!
- by this stage, im still not in pain, just having little twinges every 10 or so minutes -
Matt turns up at home about 5 minutes after my phone call!! Hahaha! So sweet! I told him that I still don’t think this baby is coming today. Then I feel as if there are no contractions at all. Hmm. So Matt, Mum, Dad, Liberty the birthday girl in her new birthday outfit and I all go on a walk along the lake. I walk all the way to ProKayaks and not have any contractions, Uh oh, I think to myself, I’ve just got everyone excited that there will be a baby soon and now I don’t feel anything! That didn’t last long! The contractions came back, along with the arrival of John and Sian (Liberty's god parents/Aunt/Uncle) arriving to see Liberty and help prepare for Liberty’s birthday party in the afternoon. We all eat lunch.

At about 1pm I’m having contractions about 10minutes apart and although they are still painless I can feel them!! They are more annoying than anything else.
I call the hospital at about 2pm as I feel they are getting stronger, the midwife asks me if I want to come in? “Not really” I reply as I don’t want to waste all my time at the hospital when there is a party going on at home.
Not long after the phone call to the hospital my contractions begin getting painful so Matt and I decide to leave home. Mostly cos I don’t really feel like getting laughed at by the family (oh, and John is freaking out! Haha).
So we kiss Liberty goodbye and wish her a happy birthday! My family is left to set up for her birthday party in the afternoon.

All of a sudden during the drive to the Hospital, my contractions begin HURTING! But I still don’t think that im that far into my labor as in between contractions I feel fine and Matt and I chat away! During our drive and in between contractions Matt and I laugh and confirm our Boy and Girl name that we like, oh, and work out how we are going to spell both these names…
We then arrive to the hospital entrance. I tell Matt that im feeling fine and not to drop me at Emergency, Im fine to walk from the carpark. I have a HUGE contraction in the car at the carpark – ouch!
We then get out to walk.. Im still fine between contractions but walking up the hill from the carpark takes a while as im having to stop for 3 painful contractions.

We arrive into the hospital and Im taken straight to a delivery room. Im still feeling fine between contractions and enjoy chatting away to Matt and the Midwife whilst we fill out forms. I tested positive to Group Strep B so I have to be put on IV antibiotics for the rest of the labor, but the midwife decides to check how dilated I am first. She checks, and im not sure of her answer, as now my contractions seem to be one on top of the other. She leaves the room for a second opnion.

Whilst she’s gone I feel strange, kind of like I need to poo. It then becomes impossible to hold it in… I start screaming, and POP, my waters break. Matt is doing a wonderful job, as he is the only person in the room... Not for long though, as the midwives have heard my screams! Haha! It wasn’t a poo I needed to do as I then give birth to our beautiful Daughter, Indiana , 3.35kg and 51cm!! Only 20minutes after arriving at the hospital!! No IV antibiotics were given, there was no time!!!

I did require a lot of stitches for the 2nd degree tearing I got from the fast birth. I was given gas for that!

Once Im up and showered I felt great! Not tired and not too sore either! Im on cloud nine with our beautiful little baby girl with a mop of long, thick blonde hair on her head. She is perfect.

Matt calls home, Liberty’s party is in full action, he lets everyone know that Indiana has arrived quickly and safe! Everyone is amazed that she is already born!!
Indiana spent her first 24hours in special care as her heart rate was low but then she was all ours!!! She fed well and fast from the first feed and she is adorable!!
Here are some photos of her first moments after her birth...

Me holding Indiana just moments after she was born (still looking a bit blue!)

Matt holding Indiana for the first time
Getting checked by the midwife, and also getting a little pinker!!

Look at all that blonde hair!!
i LOVE this photo!! This is Liberty in the hospital carpark, walking to meet her sister for the first time, with flowers (for mummy) and a gift for Indiana in her arms...
Our little family of four... (Indiana is 3 hours old here)
Kissing our babies... (Indiana gave Liberty the baby she is carrying, as a gift. Liberty gave Indiana a stuffed elephant)
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Its a GIRL!!!!!
We are excited to announce the birth our our daughter
Born on the 25th May 2010 (On her big sister's 2nd birthday!)
3.35kg, 51cm

We are thrilled with our new arrival!!
Liberty is the most caring and loving big sister! We are all feeling so happy!!

Xx Jess