Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!


Im not even sure why I'm blogging! Its not like I'm a blogger anymore! But I just needed to write about how excited I am to have completed a year of photo-a-day! I will now begin the process of having it published and printed into a book :-). I love this idea! I have my 2009 photo-a-day book close by and I look at it often! I missed out on doing it for 2010 and I really regret it! So after doing 2011, I knew I wanted to continue the theme. This time Ive actually jumped on the bandwagon and will be doing Project Life! Very exciting! I have been reading Jennifer Woodbury's blog for years and love her photos. Thats where I discovered Project Life. So i've ordered my kit and looking forward to it!

2011 was a good year. With Ups and Downs.
The highlight was definately our family holiday to Hawaii in May. Liberty celebrated her 3rd Birthday and Indiana turned ONE on the very same day! We really had fun on that trip! Liberty still talks about it!!!!
I turned 30! And Matty turned 40!! So there were many celebrations for our little family!

Wishing any one who read this, a **Happy, Healthy, Safe, Fun and Full of Love... 2012***

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Monday, 29 August 2011

Family Photoshoot....

Hi Everyone!

Im not sure if anyone still reads this blog but Im hoping there are a few family members in Switzerland that may see this if I post it up here...

Last week we drove to Wollongong to meet amazing photographer Janine Kaye for a family photoshoot! Click HERE to go and see the amazing results we got! We are thrilled with the photos! Now comes the big decision... which one will we blow up and put on the wall?!!!!

Also, dont forget to come and "like" my Jessycakes* Nappy Cakes facebook page! Nappy cakes will be posted up for sale for spring :)

Xx Jess

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Jessycakes* Nappy Cakes

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Our Nappy Cakes cater for all price ranges (from $30 to $150 + P&H). They can be posted (Australia Only) or picked up. They can also be delivered to any hospital in North Sydney/Northern Beaches.
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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Photo a day 2011

Indiana's Favourite Passtime.... Jumping!!!!
Liberty "Im two"

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Well, another year has arrived!!
2010 was full of ups and downs!
The best part was Indiana arriving in our family, on Liberty's birthday!
My two little girls are wonderful and bring us so much joy!!!
They are great sisters and they get on so well!!!
We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, My brother and Siany got married! My grandparents left the country and then came back!!!
We had lots of wonderful times!!!
The down was definitly my appendicitis. Getting so sick after my operation. Dont even get me started on the state of the public hospital I spent a week in!!! But im on the mend now (finally) and we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Im not usually into new years resolutions. Usually I dont make any. This year however, I seem to have HEAPS! One of these is to take a Photo a day 2011 again!! I did it in 2009 and it was hard work every day, and it cost a heap to get it printed into TWO blurb books. But I look back on those books and the time it took and the cost was TOTALLY worth it, so im doing it for another year!! wohoo!!!!!!
It's also a great way for our friends & families over in Switzerland and New Zealand to see what we are up to on a day-to-day basis and watch the girls grow!!! Please let us know if you are watching! I like knowing who is looking!!
to be taken to my photo-a-day-2011 page.

Happy New Year!!!

Xx Jess