Friday, 29 February 2008

A *new* look....

Hi Everyone!
I thought my blog was in need of a 'new look' seeing as i've been blogging for over a year!! lol! I even managed to make a banner! Im not too sure of this one.. but it'll do till i get round to making a nicer one!!

Last night I created this layout:

"sj friends"
And before I go... i'll share with you a photo taken one afternoon of some visitors I had on my balcony!! eight of them!!! Usually i'll get one or two Cockies every afternoon, but it looked like a family reunion that day!! hehe!Xx Jess

Friday, 22 February 2008

Tagged, birthdays and a surprise!

Well, i've been tagged by the talented Brigitte! I always love filling these thingys out so i thought i'd give it a go!

The Rules:
Tell 6 things about youself, then tag 6 other friends and let them know you've tagged them through their blogs !!

1. As you all know, im pregnant! I just have this feeling its going to be a boy! We are happy no matter what we have.. but thats my feeling!

2. At the start of 2007 I weighed an unhealthy weight of 46kg. (much better now though)

3. I have never been on a rollercoaster, and dont intend to either... they look too scary! Although, i LOVE water parks like Wet'n'wild!!

4. I work for my parents and I enjoy it!!

5. I really miss climbing!! I used to go at least once a week till i got pregnant! The baby is much more important to me to risk still going climbing!

6. I love reading people's blogs and seeing what they are up to, what they have created and what goes on in their lives!!

Okay, I tag...
* Siany
* Mel
* Lisa
* Esther
* Judith
* Natalia

It was my Birthday yesterday! I wasn't feeling 100% unfortunately. I spent 4 hours of monday afternoon in the emergency ward at the hospital due to heart palpitations. I was so scared for the baby. Turns out everything is fine. I just need to take it easy.
So for my birthday I met up with my family! It was my dad's birthday on the 24th so we thought we'd all go out. We decided over the weekend to all meet up at IKEA!! hehehe, an IKEA b'day party! It was good fun to be all together. I unfortunately didnt feel 100% so I found it hard after about an hour or so. In the afternoon I went home and slept for a bit. Then at night we were supposed to go to birth classes but decided to give it a miss... I really just wanted rest. I've also got a cold which isn't helping!!
I did get spoilet by my family!! Matty is going to take me shopping for shoes and PJs and he made a wonderful card! My parents gave me a book and little things + $150! John & Siany gave me a magazine suscription to Scrapbooking memories! A dvd and a book!! So i was nice and spoilet!!! Thank you guys!!!!
I also want to say a huge thank you to Natalia from Brazil for the surprise in my letterbox the other day!! Two pairs of really cute knitted booties!! A green pair and a red pair!!! I cant wait to put them on my little baby!! Thank you for that great surprise!!!

Xx Jess

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pink or Blue... (Part Three)

Hello!! This is the third and final post about our fun baby shower on monday night!! (be sure to scroll down and read part one and part two before reading this one!!)

GAME: "Change Time"
- This one was for the men!!! And us ladies, had an even better time just watching!! It was so so funny!!!!
So, the aim of the game is that the 'dad' has to change and dress the 'baby' in the fastest time.

Firstly the doctor (aka my mum!) brings out the 'babies'

The 'dads' with their babies before the game starts...
Kato, Geoff, Jay, Matty & John

Matty all prepared and ready to start changing the nappy! Jay is still waiting to 'meet' his 'baby' here
Ok, the doctor has delivered all the babies... "are you ready men??!!"
This is the surprise that awaits them!!!!

And their off...
Look at Sian (far left) its hilarious!!!
Ans thats why men should be invited to baby showers... for a good laugh!!!! hehehe!!!

A huge *thank you* to all our friends who came out to Narrabeen on a monday night to celebrate with us!!! We hope you all had a fantastic time!!
And an even bigger *thank you* for all the generous and wonderful gifts we recieved!!!!

We got so spoilet!!! :) Xx Jess

Pink or Blue... (Part Two)

Hi! If your just popping into my blog for the 1st time in a while... Scroll down and read part one of the baby shower first.... :)

GAME: "Express"
This game was for the Ladies... You are given a rubber glove, a safety pin, a little empty baby bottle and some milk. The aim of the game... to "express" the milk from the glove, 1st to fill the bottle wins...

L to R: Marina, Bec (hidden), Siany, Katie, Jess, Toni & Eva
Bec, Siany & Katie - lots of concentration... Me and Toni!OPS!!All done! Katie and Me
GAME: "don't like DO like"
- So this game actually starts off real akwardly! Especially when you are sitting next to someone you dont know that well (or at all) But the final result of the game is GREAT fun and a good laugh!
The rules: You sit in a circle and everyone gets a turn to say what they Physically, DONT LIKE about the person on their left and then what they Physically LIKE about the person on their right. Once that is all done.. we then reveal that you now have to KISS the thing you DIDN'T LIKE about the person on your left, and BITE the thing you did like about the person on your right!!
It's a real funny game!!
Here are some photos once everyone had said what they had to say....

Here is Geoff kissing Toni's toenail varnish

Geoff biting Sian's "lovely smile" - it was funny to watch.. they'd never met eachother before... akward!!! hehehe! Mum kissing Kato's pink thongsKato biting mum's glasses

Bec kissing Dad's "big round belly" Luke biting Kel's butt!! heheh Steve ready and waiting for Luke to bite his "big pecks"

Yes!! After a lot of squirming... Luke did it!!! Steve biting my "curly hair"
Thats a hilarious game!! I highly recommend you playing it with your friends! Remember, no one knows WHY we are going round in circles saying that we like and dislike physical things about other people till you let them know.. that they then have to kiss and bite!!!

Okay, there is another bunch of photos for the FUNNIEST game of the night...
Tune in again soon to see these!!!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Pink or Blue... (Part One)

WARNING: Photo overload ahead!

On monday night my parents hosted a little baby shower for the arrival of our 1st baby!! On the invite we told guests to wear either Pink or Blue depending on what they think will pop out in a few months from now!
We were so spoilet with all the gifts we recieved!! Thank you to everyone for all your generous gifts!!
The night was a huge success, my mum organised lots of strange and funny games.. I'll let the photos do the talking...
All Pink and Blue

Siany & I with the stroller we recieved in January Matty, Jess (me) And John (my brother)

Matty and I with the quilt Siany MADE for us the baby! John, Sian, Mum & Dad (as you can see.. its all divided on what sex everyone thinks the baby is..)

Me and The bump (at 26 weeks) My Mum and Dad
(very excited Grand Parents to be....)
Before the guests even arrived...
we started playing games and celebrating!! hehe!

Mum and Sian doing the Conga..

The parents to be...
a very funny game we played - just the 6 of us... we also played it again earlier on with the first few guests....
The guests then began to arrive... and so did the fun games....
We played many games and I have LOTS of photos to share... so i think i will add a few games now.. and add more games over the next few days... so check back here tomorrow!!!

GAME: "feed the baby"
- One lucky person gets to wear a bib and sit on a chair, whilst the other (even luckier) person stands behind them and feeds the other person some 'yummy' baby food... great fun and hilarious watching them either enjoy or hate the food!!

Matty and Me

John & Sian, Matty and Me

Jay & Marina, John & Siany Kato & Bec (hidden) Geoff & ToniKatie & Eva, Toni & Geoff

the aftermath... mmmmmm - yummy!
GAME: "Guess the size the belly..."
-easy... guess the size of my belly!!

Matty measuring meMy brother John measuring me

Bec! The winner who guessed correctly = 90cm

Well, i think i'll leave it at that today..
Be sure to check back to see some hilarious games in the next few days...
Xx Jess