Friday, 31 October 2008

a week in the life... - day five

Friday 31st October, 2008
Hot! Hot! Hot! Sticky and a top of 37 degrees, with a HOT breeze!

6:30am, Liberty wakes, I get her up and feed her at 6:50am, she eats well. I go and bring her to Mum who has stayed the night, and will continue the babysitting duties now so I can go back to bed - haha!

8am, Matt gets home from working at the gym, and hops into bed, I still havent fallen asleep which is frustrating as its such a luxury to have Liberty being entertained!!

I get up at about 9am, didnt sleep - boohoo, but it was nice just to chill out. Mum and I have breakfast together (liberty is in bed but stirring). Mum does the ironing, dishes etc. I put on a load of washing, the machine squirts water everywhere - ops (haha!)

10am, we get Liberty out of bed, for some reason she didnt have a good morning sleep. She is in a good mood so cant complain. We play with her!

At 11am I feed her and then mum and I have lunch. Libby plays.

Midday, Liberty goes back to bed. Mum and I hang out.

1pm, Mum leaves. I plonk myself behind the tv and decide to see how much of the tv programs I recorded the night before I can watch before Libby wakes. I watch them all and Liberty is still asleep!! haha!

2:45pm, she wakes (with a little banging and noise from me! I need to feed her). So then. I feed her. A parcel arrives for me, its the flag banners I arranged to get made for advertising Pro Kayaks! Im happy with them!

3pm, Liberty and I walk down to Pro Kayaks to see Matty. Bad move, its so so hot! I put Libery's feet in the lake. Matt helps and she ends up waste deep in the water, so we sit her in the sand to play, very cute, and challenging not to get her to eat the sand - haha!

4pm, back at home, I give libby a little bath and some 'rudie nudie' time on the floor. Then I feed her.

4:30pm-6pm, Matt comes and picks us up, we drive to Fishermans Beach. Jay, Mikey and Matty.A (the groom) are there paddling. Matt and I go for a walk with Libby in her stroller (keeping her out of the sun and our body heat!). Once the boys are finished paddling, Mikey takes Liberty into the ocean (up to her knees) I think it cools her down a bit which is nice!!!
6pm, back at home! I put in the Shepards Pie mum made us in the oven for dinner, whilst Matty Bathes Liberty. She then relaxes in her rocker and I feed her at 645pm.

7pm, Liberty is in bed and we are eating dinner.

Now, 8:30pm, i am blogging today and yesterday's post. Im tired.

Later, will give Libby her 'dream feed' then off to BED!!! yay!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

a week in the life... - day four

Thursday 30th October, 2008
*Leea & Matt's Wedding
Overcast, humid, little bit of rain, then sun. about 25 degrees
Just like to say... all of you that guessed yesterday... CORRECT!!! :)
BabyA. Matt
BabyB. Me
BabyC. Liberty
Matt is definately Liberty's father!!! heheheh!

6:30am, Liberty wakes. I feed her at 6:50am then play with her till 9am for her nap.
Whilst Liberty is napping my Mum arrives from Katoomba, she has the very important job of being Liberty's babysitter tonight (the first time we will leave her for such a long time, and having mum feed her)
11am Liberty wakes. Mum and I have lunch, I feed Liberty.

12noon, we still play with Libby! Here is my Mum and Libby
1pm, we go to Wariewood for a little shop! Mum bought me the sex and the city movie! I havent seen it yet!

2pm, back at home, i feed Libby and put her to sleep.

3pm, I get myself ready for the wedding, and Matt comes home to get ready too (has been out kayaking with the groom)

4pm, I have to wake poor Libby and feed her before we leave. Mum takes these piccies...
4:30pm, we head off to Mosman for the wedding of Leea and Matty. Its a beautiful wedding, the bride looks beautiful, and the groom looks hansome and excited!! (unfortunately I managed to get no good shots of the wedding which was disapointing.)
Here are Mikey, My Matty, Kato and Bec before going in for the ceremony
The Bride and Groom... Leea and Matty
7pm, dinner was served. Yummy! And they catered for me being Gluten free, so that was awesome!
8ish, I had to duck out to pump! I sms'd mum too, Liberty was fast asleep, a happy baby. She didnt have much of her bottle but thats ok.

9pm-11pm, i re-join the ceremony (hehe) they have speeches which are good and funny. The bride and groom dance, we all dance, we chat, we have fun!

11pm, we leave, get home, I chat to mum for a while. Then I feed Liberty her 'dream feed' which she ate quite well!! hehe!

It was a great day!
Thanks for babysitting mum!!
My Matty look great all dressed up in his suit!! :)
Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a week in the life... - day three

Wednesday 29th October, 2008
Wet, humid, rainy day. average of 17 degrees (but it felt warmer to me)

Liberty woke up at 4:30am and decided to stay awake for about an hour. We had to get up and settle/re-wrap her a few times.

Then at 7:30am my alarm woke me up, so I went and woke Liberty as this time I was looking like Dolly Parton!!!! hahaha! Fed Libby and pumped.

8:15am Matt took Libby to play in the lounge room. I checked my emails and decided to go back to bed. But couldnt sleep so I got back up.

9am, I had breakfast and watched Libby playing in her jolly jumper. Then we put Libby to bed at 9:15am.

9:15am-11am, I showered. Matt was home to we just hung out and we watched a tv show we recorded the night before. I tried on a few of my dresses to see if they still fit as we are off to a wedding tomorrow.

11am, Libby woke up, we both went in to surprise her!! Then I fed her and we drove to Warriewood Centro Mall.

11:30am-12:30am, at the mall, we wandered around, then Matt and Libby went off and I got my haircut - the first time I've had it cut since I found out I was pregnant, so I was in desperate need. The hairdresser looked like she didnt want to be there, and didnt even bother making conversation. What an idiot. Oh well, at least i got rid of my split ends! She cut off about 20cm, but my hair is still long and its probably not even noticable that i've had it cut - hehe.

12:45pm, Liberty and I came home and Matt went to work. I made myself some cheese on GF toast (again!) for lunch and Libby got a bit cranky so I put her to bed. Then I called my friend who I havent spoken to in AGES and we talked for 45 minutes.

1:45pm, Liberty woke up, so I fed her again and we played. Matty came home so we both played with Liberty. We tried to hide from her to see if she would roll over again like she did yesterday, but nope.. today she is more than happy just to play with her feet!!! Matt and I also looked at some baby photos of us to see who Libby looks like...
Can you guess who is which baby out of Matt, Liberty and Me??! Tell me in the comments...
I'll reveal who is who tomorrow..

Baby A. Baby B.Baby C.
3pm, a good 'ol childhood friend Natalie came over to visit! She is back from London for a couple of weeks! She came to meet Liberty. She came with flowers, and Gluten Free goodies!! It was awesome to catch up and see her again!!! As kids we used to be pen pals when we lived far from eachother and play dolls together, and here we were playing with a real baby now!! (here is a piccie of both of us at my 4th birthday party)4pm, I give Libby a quick feed and then pop her into bed.

4:30pm, Natalie leaves. I play on the pc for a little while. Then start blogging and doing a bit of facebook (i should be cooking dinnner whilst Liberty sleeps, but playing with some old photos is much more exciting!! hehe

6pm, Liberty finally wakes, I play some gymbaroo games with her and she also sits unassisted for 5 minutes without falling over! WOW! A big week of milestones has happened this week! Along with that... she GIGGLES!! I kiss her lots on the cheek and each time I do it she giggles! I was also laughing so much, it was adorable!!!

I keep her awake later than usual tonight (as she slept in till 6pm), so at 7pm I give her a bath and massage. I then put her to bed at 7:45pm.

8pm, I finally get round to start cooking chicken for dinner, its okay that it will be a late dinner as Matt wont be back from paddling till a bit later.

8:30pm, just finishing updating my blog, Matt has arrived and dinner is nearly ready to eat so im off now!

Later... again, I will give Libby her 'dream feed' followed by a good nights sleep hopefully!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

a week in the life... - day two

Tuesday 28th October, 2008
Overcast day, still nice and warm. No rain. 19-24 Degrees.

Today Liberty woke at 6:30am (good girl!), she woke up happy so we left her in her cot till 7am. Matt went and got her up, changed her (she aparently had done a big #2!!) I gave her a big feed, I then pumped as I was a bit full still, and then we just played in bed with Libby.

8am, got up, put Liberty in her Jolly Jumper to play whilst I had my breakfast.

8:30am, time for Libby to go back to bed. I showered. Then played on the computer for a bit, and did a bit more Pro Kayaks advertising work.

9am, I did some ironing. This took a while as im slooooow at ironing!!
10ish, I called Siany up for a chat as I havent spoken to her in ages. Then I ate nutella on GF toast again - yum!!! And hung out another load of washing!

11am, Liberty woke up. I fed her and played with her and read her about 5 books! I then put her on her back on her play mat and popped into the kitchen to make some grilled cheese on GF toast... I heard a squeal, so I popped my head out to look at her and she had ROLLED OVER!!!! I missed her first roll (boohoo). She was very proud of herself! (she then rolled over a few more times throughout the day)
12 noon, Liberty and I walked down to Pro Kayaks so I could fax off some paperwork to the banner people for the advertising I want, then we came home and played some more. Libby got a little grizzly so I put her to bed at 12:15. She had a little nap, only about 20minutes. Matt popped home for lunch.

1:20pm (for a 1:40pm start)Liberty and I hopped in the car to go to GYMBAROO!!! Lots of the other Mothers Group mummies do it too, and the babies love it!! This week was learning all about balance, and we had to hang the babies upside down, very cute! Liberty loves gymbaroo, but she was ready to leave by the end of it!!

2:15pm, left Gymbaroo and drove home, Liberty fell asleep in the car. Woke her as I lifted her out, so went upstairs, gave her a feed then she went to bed (and slept unwrapped) for 1.5 hours. During this, I watched TV and did another load of washing and played on the computer for a bit too!!!

4:30pm, Libby woke, i fed her, played.

5pm, LIberty and I went to get some groceries, some shops were still open so just had a brouse around, got home at about 5:45pm.

6pm, gave Libby a bath followed by a massage.

6:30pm, Matty got home from paddling, cuddles Libby whilst I clear up the table for dinner. He had the great idea to suggest Pizza for dinner!! YAY! I was going to cook Chicken, but i'll do that tomorrow night!

6:50pm, I feed Liberty then put her to bed at 7pm, just as the pizza's arrive! I have found a couple of pizza places that do a great Gluten Free pizza, its fantastic!!!

8:15pm, im now blogging while Matt is watching teli, but I have to sign out cos at 8:30pm my TV show starts!! yay! Love tuesday night teli!!

Later, will give Liberty her 'dream feed' around 10:30pm and then go to bed hopefully for a good night's sleep again!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

Monday, 27 October 2008

a week in the life... - day one

I've seen a few blogs blogging about a week of their life! They were all interesting to read and I thought 'what a great idea'. So i've decided to doccument my week in the life too!

So this is my week...

Monday 27th October, 2008
Nice sunny day, no rain. 19 degrees - 34 degrees.

Liberty woke up around 4am, all happy and talking to her mobile!!! She ended up getting a bit unhappy at about 5am so I got up and shoved the dummy back in, and back to sleep she went.
7:30am, the alarm woke me up, I looked like Pamela Anderson, so I thought i'd better wake Libby for her morning feed. She ate well, however still had to pump to empty them fully, entertained Libby in our bed whist doing that.

9am, put Liberty back to bed, after having my breakfast and playing with her!
Then I went on the computer, booked accommodation for my parents for christmas, and did some more advertising work for Pro Kayaks a bit of facebook and blog reading (hehe). Showered.

11am, had Nutella on GF toast - yum. Waited for Libby to wake.
11:45am, Liberty slept in, but now shes awake! Change nappy, feed her. We play. I eat more food (gosh this breast feeding makes me hungry!)
Its hot! Liberty and I are happy with the fact its finally HOT! So we both wear pretty dresses! *The dress Liberty is wearing (pictured below) was handmade by Siany! And its reversable!! Hands up who thinks Siany should open up an Etsy shop!!!!! I so recon she should!!!!
1pm, off to Mothers Group! Its great fun catching up with the mummies and babies! We stay there playing and talking till 3:30pm. Libby naps and eats during Mothers Group!

3:40pm, walk via beach down to the post office to post some parcels for some new arrivals + photos of Libby for my grand parent(s). It hot! Libby is bright red in her stroller, poor thing. We also have a quick visit into Aqwa, to say hi to one of the Mummies from mother group who owns the shop! So many pretty clothes in there!
4:15pm, walk home via Lake and Matt's work as I need to send off a fax. Come home, feed Libby.

5pm, Matty and I take Liberty on a walk along the lake and on a bush track! Libby is happy sitting there listening to us talk and playing with her feet! We walk and feed the ducks for an hour.
6:10pm, Matt gives Liberty a bath whilst I upload photos of the day, and cook fried rice for dinner (to be eaten later)

6:50pm, Feed liberty and she is in bed and asleep by 7pm, good girl! She's so tired after a busy, hot day.

7:10pm, Matty and I eat dinner, its ok. not great! haha! We watch a show we recorded the night before.

Now (8:14pm), Matty is doing the dishes (im a lucky woman!!) and Im doing this!

Later, I will wake liberty at about 10pm for a 'dream feed' and then we will go to bed and hopefully have a good nights sleep!!!!

Till tomorrow...
Xx Jess

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Visit from Mum...

I've had the visit of my mum (pictured above) for a couple of days! We had a good time together! We went to Manly and just hung out at home + I got to go back to bed in the morning whilst Mum played with Libby!!! She also brought down this thing (pictured) that was given to us from a customer at the restaurant. Liberty loves it and thinks she is so clever! Its so cute to watch her in it...
We also dressed her up in her little traditional Swiss Dress! She looked so cute in it...
I can hear Libby in her cot now, so I better get her up and start playing with her!!
Xx Jess

Monday, 13 October 2008

4 and 1/2 months old already!!!

Far out! My baby girl is already 4.5 months old!! Matt and I are enjoying every moment of it!!!
Tomorrow she is booked in to have her injections, poor thing! I hate taking her and seeing her get hurt! Last time she was so brave, so lets hope it goes well this time too!!! And then tomorrow afternoon, Liberty has her first outing to Gymbaroo!! How exciting! Quite a few of the mummies from my mothers group are going too, so it will be good fun I think, and it will be great for the babies too ofcourse.

A few of Libby's milestones at 4 months are:

  • She sleeps through the night! She has for at least 5 weeks now!! She goes to bed at 7pm, then I get her out of bed at 10:30pm and give her a 'dream feed'. She then (usually) sleeps through to 6:30-7am. Such a good girl! On the rare occasion that she does wake through the night, we just have to go pop the dummy in and she goes back to sleep.
  • Weighed her today (13.10.08) she weighs, 7.32kg.
  • LOVES her bath time! She has not outgrown her baby bath, so is in the 'big' bath. She loves it! She kicks and splashes and wets everything, its so cute. Matt also dunks her under the water and it doesn't bother her one bit! a true water baby.
  • She has no interest in rolling over at all!! hahaha, she is more than happy to lye there with no toys, and just talk to herself!
  • LOVES to stand up (assisted ofcourse). She loves being on her feet, and she also loves tummy time.
  • Has discovered how to grab her feet in the last week
  • Has also discovered her voice big time!! She can squeal so loud when she's excited and happy.
  • Loves her toys, her hands, her family. Basically loves everything. She is a very happy and good little baby. We are so happy and proud of her!
  • She still sleeps wrapped up like a sausage!! hehe. We have tried her in a sleeping bag (pictured below) but not much sleeping went on. Its just that when we wrap her, she knows its time to sleep, so im trying to figure out how to get her to know that going in her sleeping bag is bed time!

Okies, here are just a few photos taken this weekend, Enjoy....
Xx JessThis last photo is of Libby lying on the amazing quilt Siany made for her!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

three generations..

Mum came to visit last week, we took this 'selfie'... its three generations of us girls! I wish my grandma could be in the photo to make it the 4 generations, but she lives in Switzerland. Mum came down and we went on a walk and took out the picninc rug and played with Libby, it was good fun!!
Xx Jess

Friday, 10 October 2008

a mini nappy cake...

I've been enjoying reading Nicole's Blog and following her pregnancy for the last 9 months and she has finally popped!!!

*Congratulations* to Nicole and her family on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Deacon!

I made them a mini nappy cake as a gift for the arrival of their baby boy...
The finished product:
Products Used:
  • 7 Huggies Nappies
  • 1 dummy
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 (size 000) Bonds 'easysuit'

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Busy week Last week!!!

Hello Everyone!
So last week was a busy week! On monday Liberty and I drove up to Katoomba and hung out wiht my Dad, Brother & Siany. Siany made Libby the cutest dress! I will have to take a photo of her wearing it! Its reversable and so cute! I keep telling her she has to open an etsy shop!

On tuesday my Mum arrived home from 5 weeks in Switzerland. It was great to have her home and Mum was shocked at how big Libby got! Again, i didnt take any photos! We were too busy getting spoilt by my mum with gifts from her and other family members and our friends 'Les Gruns'! Matt and I both were given a watch! I got a t-shirt, matt got a hat + we recieved lots of chocolate, magnets and fun things! Liberty was spoilet with clothes, a COW BELL(!), a beautiful golden bracelet, books, dvd & cds and more! We all got totally spoilt!!! THANK YOU Everyone!!! The cow bell is the coolest gift! Will post a photo once i take one!

We stayed up in Katoomba with my family till thursday arvo, then came back to Sydney to welcome Matty's Family! His Mum, 2 Sisters and Niece came over to meet Liberty! She recieved more gifts! Some books and a photo frame that is up in her bedroom, and more cute clothes (gotta love clothes!). Yes! Finally. We did take photos! It was good to catch up with all the girls! One night we played a great board game called 'Articulate'. It was good fun!! Libby loved all the attention too..... Today, they went back home! I think Liberty is going to be lonely after a week of entertainers!! hehehe!

Our friend Michelle and little Jade have lent Libby their 'bumbo' seat! Liberty loves to sit in it, but i've learnt i have to face the seat towards the tv otherwise she twists in it till she is watching the teli! hehe oh, and can you determine Libby's favourite passtime after looking at these photos... ... yep! She loves to eat her hands!!! hahaha!
Okay, well thats it for now!! My tv show (Packed to the Rafters) is about to start!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 4 October 2008

attack of the teddy bears strikes again...

Liberty at 4 months old...
To see previous attacks(!) click HERE
Xx Jess