Saturday, 30 May 2009


Aloha everyone!!
We are back from our 16 day holiday in Hawaii!! We had an amazing time! The highlight would be that Liberty turned ONE whilst we were over there!!
I will try and blog about our amazing holiday soon, meanwhile go visit my photo-a-day flickr account: click HERE. There are some photos already posted up there!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sunday, 10 May 2009

My *first* Mothers Day!!

Today is my first Mothers Day! Technically its my 2nd as last year I was heavily pregnant and already totally in love with my baby and willing to do anything for it! And this year is even better! I have unconditional love for my baby girl and i LOVE being her mummy! I've been with her every day and seen every milestone and I just love her so much!!!
I got very spoilt this morning. first from Libby sleeping in till 8:30am!! How nice!! And she also gave me a beautiful gift!! Thank you Libby!!

And then there is MY mum, the best mum in the world! She does everything for me! Im so lucky!!
*Happy Mothers Day* to all you Mummies out there!!
Xx Jess

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

'family day'

Wednesdays are Matt's day off so we call it "family day"! We usually try and do something exciting most weeks. Usually we just go down to Manly Beach, go for a walk or to the Mall. A few weeks ago we went to the Zoo which was fun! Today we had a lovely day and took lots of photos so I thought i'd share some here seeing as I haven't blogged in AGES and also I couldn't decide what photo to post on my photo a day so I thought i'd add more here!
Libby slept in till 8am this morning (her usual wake up time is 7:30am) So we figured she wasn't going to be keen on going back to bed at 9:30am. So off we went to North Head up from Manly. We had a little walk around and enjoyed the view and looked at all the Aussie Native Plants (at least i think they are native - haha)....
We then jumped in the car to go home. Pretty much as soon as we started driving Libby fell asleep. As we started getting close to home we decided to keep on driving seeing as Liberty was still fast asleep. So we drove up to Palm Beach and got a few snacks from the deli and jumped on a ferry over to The Basin! I'd never been there. Its such a pretty place. We saw plenty of Rock Wallabies (+ a joey in its mum's pouch), Crabs, Ducks and Birds! It was great! We were all loving it - Libby especially!!!
Okay, here's our trip in photos.....

After our fun ferry ride we were greeted by some cute wallabies! look at its joey!!!!Libby loved the wallabies and kept pointing at them throughout our time there!
Then we had lunch.... And went exploring and then walked along the beach! Libby loved playing in the sand and found it especially fun to slam her whole face into the sand and eat it!! Ahhh, the things you do when your 11 months old - haha!

We saw some crabs! In fact, I heard them before I saw them! I felt like I was in some kind of science fiction movie.....
"Hands Up" who's had a fun day......!!
It was a great day! Im sure we will all sleep well tonight!!!
Xx Jess