Monday, 28 April 2008

Anzac Weekend...

Hi Everyone!!

This weekend was the Anzac Day long weekend and also my Mum's 50th birthday!!! So i wanted to be up in the mountains to celebrate with her! But seeing as im getting a tad *BIG* - 4 weeks to go till my estimated due date - I asked mum to come and pick me up in Narrabeen (2 hours drive from her home), which she did! Thanks mum!!!

I cant believe how cold it is up in the mountains compared to Narrabeen!! We havent used our heater yet down here (although we did consider it tonight - brrrr) and up there they have the central heating on full ball and you need it!!!

I ended up having to work on saturday! Boy, that was a shock to my big pregnant system!! hehe! It was good to get a bit of $$! And I was kinda like 'putty'... i just filled in the gaps that needed doing! And on sunday I cleaned my parents accommodation - the Cuckoos Nest at the Swiss Cottage - because i knew i just wasn't up to another day of waitressing! Its funny, no one calls me 'small' anymore! But i guess with a gut like this (see photo below) how can you??!! LOL

Sunday was my Mum's 50th birthday.. all the family spoilet her - she deserves it!!!! Matty and I got her a $200 shopping voucher and a toilet travel bag filled with all the toiletries she needs for when she goes to Switzerland (her home country) in august/september this year!

Here is my mum with the birthday cake my brother organised from his friend (its gluten free as my mum has coeliac disease, like me!)

As usual... whenever a staff member has a birthday at the Swiss Cottage, we always celebrate with a cake - and pose for a staff (and cake) photo!
L-R: Evelyne, Jason, Me, Mum, Kristy, John (my brother), Dad & SianyFor dinner Dad took us to a lovely restaurant in Leura called Silks. Here we are at dessert time... yummy! Matty came up from Narrabeen after work that evening! It was good to have the whole family together, you'd think it would be easy to get 6 people together at the same time.. but it really isnt! lol
L-R: Dad, Me, Matty, Siany, John and the Birthday Girl!Here's Mum and Dad... Matty and I...
John and Siany...We had a fun night!!!

Now im back in Narrabeen (home) with Matty! And we are so excited, one of my mum's friends has lent us her childrens' cradle for our little one... so I got it all ready today, it was so fun making the bed...
Its beautiful!! I cant wait to have a baby in it!!

Also the other day Matty and I were just watching teli and I thought I saw something move on the balcony... and yes indeed, I did... there was an Owl, just sitting there!!!! It was pretty dark, this is the best photo I got of it. Pretty impressive anyways! Its not everyday we see an Owl!

Lastly, a *big* thank you to Lisa for awarding me the Arte Y Pico award! I was really touched by the kind words she wrote about me!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

I also know some blogs that deserve this award... here is one that is definately worthy...

Sian Young of Pieces of Me; You inspire me with your beautiful scrapbooking layouts, your sewing (especially the quilt you made) and photos you take. Not only this but I consider you a *great* friend and also part of the family. Love ya!

Okay, I think this is the longest post I've done in AGES!!!
Hope you made it all the way to the bottom!!!
Have a happy week!!
Xx Jess

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

a FLIP!!

Here's another little video of our budda... this was filmed the same day as the previous video.. but on a different setting, its gone a bit slow motion which is weird!
Here the baby does what looks like a big flip! ouchy!! hehe! I dont think the head is engaged yet! hmmmm
35 weeks pregnant.

Xx Jess

little kicks to say hello...

Hello hello!
Unfortunately today i've got a yucky cold so i've been lying around with no energy all day... our little budda (@ 35 weeks) on the other hand, has lots of energy!
Here's a little video i took... not great quality, have a look at the 1st 2 seconds, i think thats where you see it the best... i think its a foot or something! What do you think it is??

Xx Jess

Friday, 11 April 2008


Yesterday I was on a roll!! I haven't scrapped in ages, but yesterday i dedicated a whole afternoon to scrapbooking and I created these four layouts! I had fun using my new Studio Calico Kit (thanks Siany for ordering it for me!!), The QTea kit (which i won as a RAK from Sharmaine's blog a little while back) and also using the papers that my friend Daria gave me as a birthday gift. So I had lots of goodies to use!! It was fun!

"33 weeks"

" lucky matty"

"mum & dad"

"figured out"Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Xx Jess

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bump Update...

Yesterday Matty and I walked up to the lookout at Collaroy to take some photos! I havent taken many photos of 'the bump' in a while and it seriously feels like it is getting bigger and bigger each and every day!
Im now 33 weeks - 7 weeks to go YAY!!!
I just measured around my bump (with a dodgy stiff tape measure) and im about 95cm, give or take one cm or two.
I feel great most of the time but get VERY tired too. Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable!! Matty and I call the baby "buddah" cos my belly is so round like buddah!! So, little buddah is moving around lots and lots! I think we have an energetic baby on our hands!!! hehe
The baby's room is 1/2 finished! We've had the cot up since January!!! I've washed all the clothes and blankets we have. Im just waiting on picking up the chest of drawers/change table, port-a-cot and also we need to buy some new blinds and then it should be finished (hopefully by the end of next week!!!)
I havent packed my hospital bags yet, but hey, there IS still 7 weeks to go!!! But i'll probably do that soon too just so then its done. And we need to install the carseat! Cant wait to do that - have to clean the car first... hmmmmm.
Okay, enough about the facts.... here are some of the piccies we took yesterday...

We are excited!!! Matty Im so excited that I can still fit in my favourite pair of jeans! Thats BIG!Cant wait to 'meet' our little baby!

One more close up of the bump...

Xx Jess