Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Saving Babies

There is a new TV show starting in february on channel 10 called "Saving Babies" hosted by Kim Watkins. Its an RPA-like observational series filmed at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.

I really cant wait for it to start as when i was younger i dreamed of being a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. Those babies are all so tiny and thanks to the modern day medicines and equiptment they are able to save so many babies and then they go on to lead normal healthy lives, thats just so special!!!
The thing that turned me away from being a NICs nurse was the other side, the ones that dont make it. I cant imagine how sad it must be to lose a baby, and i didnt think i'd have the strength to cope. Some days i still wish i went along and studied it anyway because the positives outweigh the negatives.

Anyway, that was all, just cant wait for it to start!!!
Xx Jess!


Yesterday, i met up with Daria and Marty in Chatswood!! We've been trying to meet up for *ages* but either one of us is always busy!! Finally we did it! It was short, but im so glad i got to see them!! (i didnt have my camera so i took a pic of them with my mobile phone!)
They are off to New Zealand tomorrow for a month (More friends going overseas!!) and then when they get back they are moving to Cairns!! GOOD LUCK Daria and Marty & have an Awesome holiday!!
They also gave me this pretty necklace!! SO Nice!!! Thank you so much!!

Then last night i went climbing with Bec! Its always good fun! It was so hot last night and so busy!! We had to queue for climbs! But we were happy with that, it gave us rest time! lol! We also both completed a red climb!! 2nd hardest!! YAY!! And as usual, we always go out to dinner afterwards.. last night matt and i got to the Northbridge first so we ordered and Bec and Kato arrived at 8:55pm and they wouldn't let them order!! The kitchen doesnt close till 9pm and we were still waiting for our food but the cook was real rude and said no to them. So that was a bit crappy, we ate and Bec and Kato didnt get anything. We know not to go back there for dinner! lol
Today im off to the ENT Doctor about my blocked sinus, i've been feeling a lot better the last 5 days, so and im able to get out and do things without feeling so sh*t! So thats good, positive news!!!

Bye for now...
Xx jess!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Four...

Im really enjoying emily falconbridge's 52 week card journal challenge!!
Its such good fun being able to see what everyone comes up with and seeing all the different creativity of people from around the world, and i love recieving all the kind comments from everyone too!!

The prompt for this week is:
"a symbol you love"

I chose the love heart symbol because i use it all the time!!! When im bored, i seem to "doodle" the love heart the most. I also sign my name with a love heart (as seen on back of the card)
I do also love lots of other symbols too... STARS and Exclamation Points (!!!!) I use them A LOT!!! lol

Just to let you know... with my card this week.. the heart is actually punched out.. so you can see right through it!! And i've painted the card!



Sunday, 28 January 2007

Have a GREAT trip...

My Brother (John) and his girlfriend/my friend (Sian) are off to Europe on Thursday for the whole of February!!

Lucky things!!!

Have a GREAT trip John and Siany!!!
have fun! Take lots of photos!! And keep a journal so you'll remember every little bit of your experience in years to come!!!

I know you'll have an awesome time!!
Enjoy the snow and the cold weather!!

Love Jess!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Three...

The prompt for this week is: "I am"

At first i was going to write about everything "i am". But i thought long and hard and realised that yes... i am in love with my beautiful boyfriend Matty. And its a perfect feeling, i just had to journal it!



Monday, 22 January 2007

more doctors..

Well, i've been sick for months now.. so frustrating! And the strong drugs i got havent helped so i'm now booked in to see a Ear, nose and throat doctor about my sinus headaches on the 9th feb. Im upset i have to wait that long but its the earliest i can get in - doh!
And this week im keeping a food journal and keeping in touch with the doctor and will probably be sent to a Dietician about my weight. So hopefully i'll have that all sorted out asap!!!
Other than that, today, matty and i did the grocery shopping and walked down along the lake and fed the ducks!
Hopefully a more interesting post tomorrow...
Xx Jess!

Friday, 19 January 2007

More Visitors..

Sorry everyone...
Not really much happening down here lol,
so here are some more "visitor" photos..

Im proud of this shot as i think its cool how you can see the Cocky making a mess with the crumbs:

I was playing around with my apature settings and i like this effect:

Thursday, 18 January 2007

(insert "jaws" music here)

(picture from SMH today)

Well, excitement on Narrabeen Lake!! Theres a SHARK(!) lurking in the lagoon...
When i heard about it i thought "HOW??" the lake is so shallow!! But there has been a spotting! How exciting.. i feel like going and taking a Kayak and sitting in the middle of the lake with my camera ready to spot the thing!! lol

Honestly, yeah, maybe there is a shark... but i dont think it would be very happy in the lake! And there are so many fish in the lake that i dont think us humans are in too much danger oh and aparently us "humans" taste YUCK to sharks anyways?!!!?? lol. OH, i also read somewhere that two men witnessed the shark leaving the lagoon & going back to sea, thats Good!! I really hope it doesn't stop anyone from hiring kayaks!!

Xx Jess

here's the artice from the Manly Daily yesterday:
Shark warning for Narrabeen Lagoon
Lisa Muxworthy
SWIMMERS have been warned to keep clear of Narrabeen Lagoon after a whaler shark was seen in the water near Birdwood Park.
Fisherman Stephen Burleigh saw the 1.5m shark about 4.30am yesterday and reported it to Warringah Council.
Mr Burleigh was standing on a large rock near the Ocean St bridge and said he got a clear sighting and believed it was a tiger or bull shark.
He said the shark chased fish and then dragged a duck under the water.
``I have only seen two sharks that size in the lagoon in the last 10 years,'' he said. ``It could be very dangerous.''
Warringah Council said it was more likely to be a whaler and had rangers out in force yesterday afternoon to alert beach-goers.
The council said it was best for people to keep out of the water as the sighting could not be confirmed or denied.
It also notified residents near the lagoon, as well as Lakeside Caravan Park and the kayak hire business.
Council lifeguards patrolled the area until late last night and were due to return early this morning with NSW Fisheries.
The entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon was opened on December 6 with more than 40,000cu m of sand removed and used to nourish the Collaroy-Narrabeen beachfront.

My little visitor...

Living on Narrabeen Lake is not only so nice and peaceful but we also get lots of visitors on our verrandah of the flying kind!!!
Usually we have Cockatoos and the Rosellas but yesterday.. i found a new feathered friend...
He is very noisy and he very much enjoyed the piece of salami i gave him!! lol

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

a layout of my grandparents...

My Grand Parents are visiting us from Switzerland for three months!! We are so lucky that they are healthy enough to do tthe looong trip!!! My grandpa has just turned 79 while he's been here!!

We call them "SuGus" for short as their names as Suzanne and Gustave.. and in Switzerland there is a really yummy lolly called "
Sugus" and it was perfect to use for their name!! Every one in our *huge* family calls them that!!!

So here is the layout...

xx Jess!

Art journal Challenge - Week two...

The prompt for this week is: "what is powerful to you?"

Im really enjoying this challenge as its small and yet so effective!!!



xx Jess

Monday, 15 January 2007

Art Journal Challenge...

This i found while reading Emily Falconbridge's blog... she's doing a 52 week art journal diary on a deck of cards and she even gives inspirations each week - such an awesome idea!!!
Im a week behind so i'll have to catch up...
but this is what i've got for the 1st week
(the prompt was "something you are proud of")



A Layout...

Hello hello!!!
Well, my sinus headache is back... grreat - not!!! So i thought what could be better than to scrap... but i forgot my chipboard in Katoomba so i went on the search for a scrapbook shop close to Narrabeen as usually i shop at
Scrapbooks Paper & Things in Wentworth Falls (i thought that might be a little far to go to get supplies today lol). So i found Scrapbooks Plus in Brookvale which is nice and big!! Im now very happy to have scrapbook shops close to both my homes!!

So.. i did this Layout...
Im not sure if i like it or not yet... I'll have to sleep on it! Its definately not a favourite but it was good fun!!

I've also found my new *favourite* scrapping scrapbooking product at the moment (which i've used on my LO)..

These Alphaletterz chipboard (with adhesive) by "Provo Craft". I think it was a good find!!! Plus there are quite a few letters in there!!

Im definately in a scrapping mood... i think i'll go and scrap some more...
xx jess

Friday, 12 January 2007


Well, its been a good few days! With the new cocktail of drugs im on from the doctor im finally feeling a lot more healthy than i have in the last 6 weeks and i've got a big appetite - good sign!!!

On Tuesday, although i was still feeling quite unwell, my friend Bec asked to go indoor climbing at Climb Fit! We used to go every tuesday night but we havent been for over three months together. So we went and it was just like the old times, good fun!! Its great to get into the routine of going every week! At the moment i go with Siany every friday morning to Leura Gym to climb but they are closing down so im not sure what we are going to do cos i love our climbing sessions too!

On Thursday morning i got a call from Georgie who lives all the way in Jindabyne saying she was coming up to Winmalee just for the day to visit the dentist so i met up with her in the afternoon and we just hung out and had a drink there for a couple of hours. it went by so fast but it was better than nothing... we hadnt seen eachother in over a YEAR!!!! But it felt like only two days since we'd seen eachother when we got together! I wish we lived a lot closer to eachother!!

And today...
i started the day off with a visit to the post office to post my LO to scrapbooking memories fingers crossed they like it in real life!!
Then Siany and i were going to go climbing but didnt.. so I went over to the farm and we went for a swim (my family were there too). It was SO nice to have a pool so close by on such a beautiful hot day... Then Sian and I went inside and sung Karaoke for 2 hours!!! My poor grandparents, Mum, Dad and John had to listen to us all afternoon!! Luckily Sian is a really good singer but im crapola, it was good fun tho!
To read Sian's version of the day click

To top it all off.. im working again and its been fun and also Matty is thinking of coming to stay in Katoomba on Saturday night as he has a race early on Sunday morning! i hope he does come!!!

Its late.. Im off to bed!!!
Hugs and Kisses to everyone!!

xx Jess

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Getting to know me...

Well, seeing as im new to the blogging world i thought this would be cool to post so ppl can read about me!!

A= Available~ no.
B= Best Friend~ Im luck to have so many!! Georgie, Sian and Marie.
C= Cake or pie~ CAKE! Baked blackberry cheesecake (or anything chocolate).
D= Drink of choice~ ummm, trying to drink lots of H2O, boring i know lol.
E= Essential item you use everyday~ the computer.
F= Favorite color~ depends on my mood... but today i'd say fuchia (is that how you spell it??!)
G= Gummy bears or worms~ not really a lolly fan.. but i'll say gummy bears.
H= Hometown~ Narrabeen/Katoomba (lots of comuting!).
I= Indulgences~ shopping for scrapping stuff.
J= January or February~ Feb! my b'day and usually the warmest part of summer!
K= Kids and Names~ none yet (hopefully soon! lol)
L= Life is incomplete without?~ friends and family.
M= Marriage date~ Still waiting for matt to pop the question!! HAHAHAH!
N= Number of siblings~ one - aka... Johnny Balance
O= Oranges or apples~ both boring, but i'll go with apples (pink ladies).
P= Phobias or Fears~ vomit, yep weird i know.
Q= Favorite Quote~ “Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of your heart!”.
R= Reason to smile~ when the sun is shining.
S= Season~ Summer! time for the beach and nicer clothes!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ how do i do that?!! bit technical! lol
U= Unknown fact about me~ i dont like rollercoasters! Waaaay too scary!
V= Vegetable you don't like~ brussel sprouts and squash - yuck.
W= Worst habit~ picking. (as in picking pimples etc gross i know)
X= X-rays~ had 2 CT scans in the last month.
Y= Your favorite food~ chocolate, spag bol and raclette (a swiss cheese meal)
Z= Zodiac Sign~ Picies

If anyone at all reads this blog... leave a comment and let me know your A-Z things!!
Xx jess!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Well, a few days ago i did what i've been wanting to do for ages! I emailed off a couple of my scrapbook layouts to a few of the scrapping magazines and....
today i got my 1st reply from scrapbooking memories and they are considering one of my Layouts!!!! OMG!!!
Now, i cant get too excited yet as they are only considering it at the moment. I have to post it off asap and i will then be notified to wether or not they do want to publish it or not... either way... its so exciting!!

On another note.. i got my CT scans back today and they have found what is wrong with me... severe sinusitis! So now i can start the healing process, another lot of good news! Im so sick of feeling sick all the time!!

Its been a good day!
xx Jess!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Belated Chrissie Photos...

Well seeing as i didnt have my blog back in '06 i havent had the chance to put up any chrissie photos!!
So here is a sneak preview of our day....
(sorry dad, i didnt mean to leave you out!!)

We had a really great christmas!!!

xxx Jess!

Monday, 8 January 2007


Well, i just realised... i always have pics of Ruby everywhere and Minou is not often mentioned...

Poor old thing!! He's looking a little worse for wears now days but he is still the most lovable cat ever!!!

Havent got anything interesting to write as im still sick, have been for weeks now and its not fun! Going to a new doctor tomorrow so fingers crossed he'll have some answers!!

ummm, i have a photo i want to put up as my headder or banner or whatever and *still* dont know how!!! Suggestions please...!!! Thanks!!

xx Jess.

hello & HELP!!!!

Yep, im becoming a blogger... well atempting to anyways... HOW do you work this thing???
Anyone know how to make the banner??
well, i've managed to upload a photo of Ruby!!

Wow, i didnt realise blogging was so tricky! Everyone makes it look so easy!!
Hopefully i'll get the hang of it real soon!!!
Here's to lots of happy blogging!
xx Jess