Thursday, 18 January 2007

(insert "jaws" music here)

(picture from SMH today)

Well, excitement on Narrabeen Lake!! Theres a SHARK(!) lurking in the lagoon...
When i heard about it i thought "HOW??" the lake is so shallow!! But there has been a spotting! How exciting.. i feel like going and taking a Kayak and sitting in the middle of the lake with my camera ready to spot the thing!! lol

Honestly, yeah, maybe there is a shark... but i dont think it would be very happy in the lake! And there are so many fish in the lake that i dont think us humans are in too much danger oh and aparently us "humans" taste YUCK to sharks anyways?!!!?? lol. OH, i also read somewhere that two men witnessed the shark leaving the lagoon & going back to sea, thats Good!! I really hope it doesn't stop anyone from hiring kayaks!!

Xx Jess

here's the artice from the Manly Daily yesterday:
Shark warning for Narrabeen Lagoon
Lisa Muxworthy
SWIMMERS have been warned to keep clear of Narrabeen Lagoon after a whaler shark was seen in the water near Birdwood Park.
Fisherman Stephen Burleigh saw the 1.5m shark about 4.30am yesterday and reported it to Warringah Council.
Mr Burleigh was standing on a large rock near the Ocean St bridge and said he got a clear sighting and believed it was a tiger or bull shark.
He said the shark chased fish and then dragged a duck under the water.
``I have only seen two sharks that size in the lagoon in the last 10 years,'' he said. ``It could be very dangerous.''
Warringah Council said it was more likely to be a whaler and had rangers out in force yesterday afternoon to alert beach-goers.
The council said it was best for people to keep out of the water as the sighting could not be confirmed or denied.
It also notified residents near the lagoon, as well as Lakeside Caravan Park and the kayak hire business.
Council lifeguards patrolled the area until late last night and were due to return early this morning with NSW Fisheries.
The entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon was opened on December 6 with more than 40,000cu m of sand removed and used to nourish the Collaroy-Narrabeen beachfront.


marie said...

lol you would be no good to the shark jess but i would lol. see now you have two new friends one feathery and one with big teeth.

Siany said...

HAHA How funny is this to read after your last post about "nice and peaceful narrabeen lake" Hehehe Scary stuff!! Hope it doesnt affect business!!