Monday, 22 January 2007

more doctors..

Well, i've been sick for months now.. so frustrating! And the strong drugs i got havent helped so i'm now booked in to see a Ear, nose and throat doctor about my sinus headaches on the 9th feb. Im upset i have to wait that long but its the earliest i can get in - doh!
And this week im keeping a food journal and keeping in touch with the doctor and will probably be sent to a Dietician about my weight. So hopefully i'll have that all sorted out asap!!!
Other than that, today, matty and i did the grocery shopping and walked down along the lake and fed the ducks!
Hopefully a more interesting post tomorrow...
Xx Jess!


Siany said...

Good luck with everything! And just think - 9th Feb and you'll be on hols for a few weeks!! xx

MARIE said...

wtf are we going to do with you.
the 9th of feb will be here in no time, just think HOILDAYS

jess said...

Luckily... ive got good news today.. i will be able to see the ENT doctor on the 31st january!!
XX jess