Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Yesterday, i met up with Daria and Marty in Chatswood!! We've been trying to meet up for *ages* but either one of us is always busy!! Finally we did it! It was short, but im so glad i got to see them!! (i didnt have my camera so i took a pic of them with my mobile phone!)
They are off to New Zealand tomorrow for a month (More friends going overseas!!) and then when they get back they are moving to Cairns!! GOOD LUCK Daria and Marty & have an Awesome holiday!!
They also gave me this pretty necklace!! SO Nice!!! Thank you so much!!

Then last night i went climbing with Bec! Its always good fun! It was so hot last night and so busy!! We had to queue for climbs! But we were happy with that, it gave us rest time! lol! We also both completed a red climb!! 2nd hardest!! YAY!! And as usual, we always go out to dinner afterwards.. last night matt and i got to the Northbridge first so we ordered and Bec and Kato arrived at 8:55pm and they wouldn't let them order!! The kitchen doesnt close till 9pm and we were still waiting for our food but the cook was real rude and said no to them. So that was a bit crappy, we ate and Bec and Kato didnt get anything. We know not to go back there for dinner! lol
Today im off to the ENT Doctor about my blocked sinus, i've been feeling a lot better the last 5 days, so and im able to get out and do things without feeling so sh*t! So thats good, positive news!!!

Bye for now...
Xx jess!


bopower said...

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Siany said...

Im so glad youre feeling better!! Im not going to jinx it though! That pendant is SO pretty!! You poor thing.. you'll be the only one left in Australia!! LOL

marie said...

wow love the pendant.
Let me know how the doc goes.
At least i'm still here in Aussie land