Monday, 12 March 2007

Been a while...

Hello hello!!

Its been a while since I last posted! I like to keep my posts nice and interesting.. and well, nothing that interesting has been happening!!
We all worked nice and hard at work this week but it was pretty easy as
John and Sian are now back from Europe!!! (thanks for all the gifts and Swiss chocolate guys!!! YUM YUM!!) SO that means there are two more ppl at work again, and it makes a big difference especially on a booked out saturday night!!

So I thought i'd post three photos that make me happy today...

This is my Mum & Me & my cat Ruby, on Mum's bday in 2005! Doesn't Ruby look thrilled to be there? HAHAH!

This is Matty at Penrith White Water Centre in December last year! He loves the white water rafting! And i love this photo!

A rose from Steve and Eva on New Years Eve this year! So pretty!

Xx Jess

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Siany said...

Great pics Jess! That really is an AWESOME one of Matty!!