Friday, 30 March 2007

Katoomba Photos..


Well today Sian and I decided to visit our "home" town!! Actually its only mine for half the week as i actually live in Narrabeen.. but thats a long story!
So after lunch (at the Swiss Cottage - our place of work!) it was yummy!! We 'drove' 300meters aprox, down the road to Echo Point and took some shots...
(Some are going to be perfect for scrappages i predict!!) so, here are some goodies and funnies..

Sian & I at the Three Sisters, Katoomba
Sian with the fern tree
and both of us "excited" to be next to the fern tree!

Sian up near the entrance to the Three Sisters Walk

Pretty brick wall at Echo Point with Sian and I
Me telling tourists that "its fine, seriously, you can walk past!! We'll be awhile!" lol

Sian with lots of wall..

After our tourist photo shoot down at Echo point.. we went back to Sian and Johns house (aka the farm) and took some silly shots there...

This is Sian & I in front of the barn where the Goats live

John and Sian doing some acrobatics!

Me and my brother john... we didnt know we were standing the exact same way!!

John: " I've got an idea, lets do photos where we jump in the air!!"
Jess: "cool"
Sian: "ok"
Jess: in a whinie voice "oh... how come i cant seem to do it in sync with you guys?"

Left to right: Sian, Jess, John
Jess: "YES!!! I finally did it!!!"
John & Sian (together): "um, we wern't even doing it that time!"

Tonight I found Mum watching TV like this..
With Minou in her arms!! Its coooold tonight in Katoomba! Mum's nicely rugged up with her Possum wool/fur jacket from NZ and Minou (the cat) has his woollen jacked knitted by my grandma on too!! so cute!Hope you enjoyed the *fun* photos!?!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Hahaha LOVE your little script.... it really did go like that!! LOL

I had such a good day!! Thanks heaps!!

Its so nice to go out and search for some fun places to take pics!! And who cares if theres millions of asian tourists watching us lie on a wall?!?!


Siany said...

BTW... Your mum doesnt love Minou... shes only using him for his kitty warmth!! I do the same to Ringo and Murray LOL Kitties are SO warm Like little hot water bottles!! xx

mamy said...

i am so warm with the love of my beautiful Jessy who takes photos of her mum in pj with the cat and SHOW THE WORLD!!!!
love you mamy

lee woodside said...

LOL! Fun pics.

marie said...

wow lol very cute, i wish my cat would do that.
love the photo of you and sian.

Brigitta said...

wow Jess, LOVE your photo's!!! glad to see Minou is being kept warm by your mum ;-)