Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Missing Persons!!

Hi Everyone!!

No, you dont have to fill out a missing persons report.. i am still here!! lol!
I've been busy with work and headaches etc this week. Unfortunately my head have been annoying me and i hate going on about it but gosh it is so painful sometimes! Luckily it was ok today as I went to visit the BEAUTIFUL little baby im going to start nannying!!

This is little Jade. She is the cutest little baby!! This photo was taken last month! She now has a feeding tube in as she is not the best with eating! So when i first found out she was going to have a feeding tube i was a little worried that it would be too hard to feed her. But today I fed her.. by the bottle first (I need a little more practice there as she didtn drink much) and then the rest down the tube. She is the best little baby.. she sits in her high chair and plays with her toys while she is being fed and is so good! Not all babies would sit there so patiently! Im really happy to be looking after her as she is the cutest little girl and she smiles so much!!

On the weekend my brother and Sian came over to my parents house and they shaved minou the cat... oh, poor minou!! He really needed it as he is an old althritic cat and he cant clean is back anymore.. so now he is all soft.. but ofcourse the next morning we all woke up to typical mountain weather... 15degrees.. poor minou was so cold.. so i took a little vest my grandma had knitted for a doll and minou now wears it all day long. so cute..

Sian and I went climbing on monday morning. Sian was climbing so well especially since she's had about 3 months break from it. I on the other hand wasnt doing well at all.. i wasnt feeling 100%.

Until then...
i hope everyone is having a great day!!

Xx Jess


Siany said...

GET BETTER NOW!! Im not saying it nicely anymore! I mean it! Get better!! lol I really do hope those stupid headaches go away!!

Jade is gorgeous! That is a STUNNING photo and the frame looks great!! You will be great with her!

Minou looks hilarious wearing his funny little jacket, with half a shaved body...

Thanks for taking me climbing! It was such a shock that I could still haul myself up that wall! And you were great considering your poor body is falling apart! lol (I'll send some piccys soon!!)

Luv ya!! xx

Brigitta said...

oh my gosh, that poor kitty, gotta laugh though, at least she's warm. Good luck with "your" baby ;-)