Saturday, 3 March 2007

My Birthday!

Hello hello!
Well, i've been a slack blogger this week - busy, busy!
I had a GREAT birthday! On my actual birthday I went with Matt, my parents and grandparents to the Casino for dinner at the Garden Buffet, which was yummy!!
I was really lucky on the night too and managed to win $750 on this cool game that has a big wheel!! VERY lucky!
I got really spoilet by my family and friends! Thank you to everyone!!
I do have to mention Matty got me a new lens for my camera!! omg! Its soooo good! I love it!! It was the perfect gift!! *thanks matty*
On tuesday night Matty and I went out with Bec and Kato for dinner! It was good fun as usual!! And I got soilet by them too! *thank you*
Here is a funny photo of me impersonating Paris Hilton!! Except i dont have a dog (or an expensive designer bag)... so ruby had to do... hehehe

And here is the only photo we took of Myne and Dad's birthday this year (ops!) Grand-Papa, Grand-Mamy, Matty, Me, Dad

Xx Jess


lee woodside said...

Sounds like you had a fab time!

Gigi said...

so happy to hear that you had a great birthday! & move over paris!!! here comes jess!