Friday, 27 April 2007

** Happy Birthday Mamy!! **

Happy Birthday to my Mum!!! Its her birthday today!! We've had a fun day together and she got nice and spoilet!!

Love you Mum!!
Xx Jess


siany said...

Happy Birthday Monique!! Hope you had a lovely day!! Love the PJs Jess bought you!! xx

lisa said...

oh jess you poor thing! I would've been freaking right out too! I hate them with a passion.
Re: your handbag pharmacy. my sister is exactly the same. Whenever we want drugs we just ask her. She can always be relied upon for a couple panadol or aspirin or whatever you need :D

mamy said...

thankyou for the best present i will have sweet dream in my pj merci i have been spoiled by all mamy