Saturday, 7 April 2007

Happy Easter!!

I hope you all have a *fun* and *fantastic* easter!!
Stay Safe
Xx Jess


Kate said...

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Hope you have a Happy Easter too

Brigitta said...

happy Easter to you too Jess!!! great chicken ;-)

Siany said...

Hope you had a lovely Easter Jess!! Well done for working so hard this weekend!! Shame on me LOL Good luck with all your future Easters!! (ykwim!!) Luv ya xx

Anonymous said...

I love your cockatoo've started something now, you'll have all their aunties and cousins there soon:D I don't blame you for feeding them, I think they're gorgeous..all we get here are pink galahs, would love to see a cockatoo. Mother hen and chicken are the cutest thing too, what a sweet photo. Hope you are feeling better from the bodily invasion the other week and are starting to adjust to the new diet. I did have some chocolate on the weekend, just could'nt resist. I'm still not smoking though so there you have to give up gluten, I had to give up smoking..and I've done it and I know you can too. Cheers!