Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Thank You!! :)

I just want to say a *big* thank you to everyone for their well wishes for my day surgery yesterday!! Thanks to Mum and Dad for taking me to the hospital & spoiling me with a new gluten free cook book and recipe book and a dvd! Thanks to Matty for being so supportive and bringing me three bunches of flowers! To John & Sian for the cute handmade cards! And to everyone who called, sent me sms & emailed me!! I feel so special!! Thanks also to my fellow "art journal buddies" for all your kind comments on my blog too.

I feel really special!! Thanks to my doctor too. Oh and I have to mention how great North Shore Private Hospital is! WOW! The waiting room feels like your in a hotel lobby!!
The doctor has told me I am coeliac, cos of something or rather.. i cant really remember the conversation cos of the drugs i was on!! HAHA! I do remember calling him the Easter Grinch (as he told me no more gluten including easter eggs!!) Hahaha, i'll have to apologise next time i see him. OH and today.. the gluten free diet has been a non event!! I have eaten bread. Im actually going to start after easter.. I figure i've gone this far eating gluten.. i'll give myself one last easter and i'll start on tuesday. eek! Isn't going to be easy!



Siany said...

Well, make the most of your last Easter!! It sux you are now 'gluten free' but at least you know the problem!! I hope you start feeling better and maybe try and enjoy the gluten free thing!! Love ya!! xx

mamy said...

you are so beautiful girl ,everybody love you and hope you will be 100 percent soon your health that is love your blog mamy

mamy said...

forgot to tell you ...last easter for you after serious gluten free for you diet ...for me salt/fat free diet ..for dad slow food diet ..for john hide food diet..Yes we are a normal family love you mam

Brigitta said...

wow, you got spoilt girl, but you deserve it. Enjoy this last easter full of gluten and then get into your new routine. I'm on a less food diet hahahah (I've actually joined the weight watchers and lost 1,5 kilo) And I know what drugs in hospitals can do, I once got a laughing fit every time the cardiologist tried to explain something to me. He decided to come back after an hour hahaha)

Have a lovely weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well. I was hoping for your sake that it would'nt be that but there are worse things for sure. I tell you even my chronic headaches improved outta sight once I started eating properly. Lot less bowel trouble, everything so much better, more energy. You'll get used to it. Tell yourself gluten is! truly, it makes it easier.

Rachel Whetzel said...

I have a friend who has a daughter with this. I used to work in the daycare that she went to, and I made her lunches special... It takes a little bit of creative thinking, but it's not REALLY hard. Good luck with this, and I love your card!