Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Seventeen...

I've finally caught up on the last three weeks of Emily's Art Journal Challenge!!

The prompt for this week: "your bedroom"

The journaling on the back of my card reads:
As a little girl i always wanted a PINK bedroom. I was lucky enough to get one! As a kid I had a beautiful bedroom & I loved playing in it with my "babies". My gorgeous dolls! Now i've got a little bedroom w/ Matty. Its not that pretty but its ours & that makes it special + we have fancy big framed photo in there that Matty gave me & i've got nice sheets that match it!!

I hope you guys like my card!?




Siany said...

Its very cute!! And pink - love pink! Im sorry I picked on you when you were making it hehehe xx

Paula said...

Love the design of this one!!

marie said...

great card jess, love the way you put the differend colours tags

Jenny said...

Beautiful card, I love the colors you used!