Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Dancing, Berowra & Happy Mail!

Last night Bec, Kato, Matty & I went to Sydney Dance Company to do a class! We did Jazz (beginers) and it was a workout!! I was hopeless!! It was so funny tho.. i loved seeing the boys there dancing!! They weren't so happy tho! I think it was really unlucky for them, that the dance teacher had just been to the Beyonce concert. As the dance we learnt was very "sexy" Beyonce like! After about an hour, the boys walked out. Too bad too, as they were both better than me! Bec whispered to me thru the night "this is a comedy". It was great to see us all there.
This dancing all started because Bec, Kato, Steve & Eva did Swing dancing and Matt & I joined them for that a few weeks ago. But i know Matt didnt think the music was right up their alley, so we figured they'd like Sydney Dance Co more (even tho its way harder)!! Im keen to see what dancing we try next!
Any Suggestions?? (keep in mind, i have no rythm and two left feet)

This morning Matty & I went up to Berowra Waters. I used to live up there when I was little. It was fun to see my parent's old restaurant! It looked so different to when we owned it!
We even caught the ferry just for a bit of fun! Here are a few snap shots...

The Berowra Waters Ferry

Me on the ferry with my parents old restaurant up on the right (bit of a blur)


a boat with the Aussie Flag!

a selfie

When I got home this afternoon, i checked the mail only to find.. some "happy mail" from Siany!! She made me this bank deposit pouch!! I cant believe she made it! Its so funky. Thanks Sian!


Xx Jess


Siany said...

Wow jess!! What great photos!! Berowra Waters looks so pretty!

Sounds like the girls had fun last night... shame about the boys lol

You should try belly dancing - only you dont have a belly to have that whole 'wobble' thing going!! HEHE

SOOOOO glad you like your book cover!! And Im really happy that it fits!!



Hi, Jess!!!!
Beautiful pictures! I specially liked the one in the car!
Kisses to you!

mamy said...

memories!!! nice photo where you home sick?

Gigi said...

omg....that book cover is so fab!!! i love it!!! you lucky gal....:)

judith said...

Love the pictures Jess!! Looks like you had great fun, and the book cover is gorgeous, like Gigi mentioned :)

Nicole said...

Nice work, Siany! That is really fabulous :) Jess, you are a lucky gal!