Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My "Weekend"

As I work in hospitality.. my weekend starts on monday!! lol!
This week, Matty is over in New Zealand visiting his family! I bet he is having a great time! So because he is away, I thought it was the perfect weekend for
Siany to come down and stay with me for girls time! We had lots planned for the two days and we did get a lot of it done!
Monday was spent firstly by going up to
Scrapbook Moments in Belrose for some much needed scrapbook retail therapy! lol
We then went into Narrabeen and got Dvd's, food and did the banking.
Once we were back at home... we made a real yummy lunch:

Then we watched lots of dvds whilst scrapping!! We got lots of scrapping done, which was great! Normally we aren't that productive together! lol
We also went rollerblading around Narrabeen Lake, such a pretty place to rollerblade around!!

Sian made me a real yummy dinner - chicken in a creamy mustard sauce! Lucky me! We also watched The Holiday a good chick flick!

The next day we went down to the beach in the morning and then also on a walk into town to drop back the Dvd (dont worry Matty, no late fees!!)

We then had decided we were going to have lunch at my old workplace
Xenos in Crows Nest. On the way there, we were happily driving along (with the windows down) until Sian spotted a HUGE Hunsman Spider creeping towards her (on the OUTSIDE of the car)!! I sware, we were both squealing!! We rushed to put up all the windwos and this bloody spider was crawling all over the place! As soon as it was safe to do so, I pulled over and Sian and I searched for the spider but he was nowhere to be seen!
After about 10 minutes we both got back in the car - we weren't even talking to eachother anymore! We were just in deep concentration about this spider. We didnt see it again.
We went and ate our lunch at Xenos! It was so YUMMY!!! I had the halumi! It was great to see my old bosses and workmates again!
After our yummy lunch, with the spider still on our minds, we hunted for it and it was still nowhere to be seen, phew, its gone! We knew we were kidding ourselves!
Back in the car and on our way to Chatswood in heavy traffic.. the huge thing came back to say hello "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" was the reaction from Sian and I (god knows what cars around us were thinking! LOL). Oh, I also almost drove into the back of a car!! So knew we had to get rid of this thing before we got seriously hurt in a car accident! I dont think insurance covers "but there was a HUGE Hunsman Spider" excuses. We pulled into a car park, and we used about 2/3rds of a tin of spider killer spray and finally we could drive in peace. It was sad to kill it, but we felt it was better it than us!

Here is a photo Sian took with her mobile phone camera (how brave!)So, that definately got our hearts pumping!! And we both had a good laugh when we knew we survived!!
I then dropped Sian off in Chatswood where she met up with my brother! I then went indoor climbing with Bec and I was invited for dinner at Bec and Kato's house for yummy nachos and chocolate covered strawberries yum yum!

Its been a great weekend!!
Siany has also posted about it with different photos if you want to go see!

Xx Jess


lisa said...

Still gives me shivers, even hearing it for a 2nd time..oh yuk! I sometimes take the spider spray with me in the car, when we're having our annual spider season, especially if I have to drive to town. As it's an hour away, on country roads, and I can't see too many farmers being sympathetic about me lobbing up to their front door with tales of a spider being in the car, could they please kill it? not when they're happy to leave dead sheep in the paddock for a week..but that's another story :)
Love your tin and your cards. The nature one is sublime. Love the way you've done that, and I adore that
song. You had so many yummy things to eat on the weekend it's made me hungry. Hey, I forgot to tell you, I'm off to my sister's tomorrow till Friday night as we're going to the PINK concert- yay!

lisa said...

except for the spider it sounds like a fab weekend - very girlie!

monique said...


Siany said...

I had SUCH a great 'weekend' with you Jess!! It was so much fun scrapping and doing all the things we've been trying to plan for months!! lol

Glad we survived the 'incy wincey incident' (as my dad called it!!)!! Was definitely an experience!! Poor spidey!! Just think you got a nice shiny car out of it!! lol


Anne Thompson said...

oh my good grief!!!!!!! That spider is huge! We have wolf spiders here in BC, but they are not that big, and not venamous either! How scary! Sounds like you had an adventerous weekend! That's awesome that your friend could come stay with you while your guy was away!

Deborah said...

Oh, my word!!!!!!!! Reading about your spider incident has really set me on edge (we don't have anything like that in England). Glad you had a great weekend :)
P.S. Love the photos you took of Narabeen, what a beautiful place.

Esther said...

Sounds like you had a really great time with lots and lots of fun (except from the spider of course) I remember living in Australia and meeting all those terrifying creatures. Brrr. Thank God the spiders in Holland are not even half there size. Love, es.

marie said...

sounds like you guys had a really great girly weekend,dvd,scrapping(oh would love to see the pagers)roller blading,eatting,and LOL.
still LOL about your hairy dead mate


Cool Photos!!!!!!!!
And I loved the tin!


Jess, I send you an email asking if you are on the pc at the moment.
It's because I am translating a small text to English, and I want to ask your help... :S
Just for correcting the mistakes...
Do you help me???

leewoodside said...

You girls just crack me up!
Love the pics... but ewwww about the spider. I so would have freaked.
Love your tin too!

Tamara Nicole said...

Your blog is so funny! Shivers down my spine, ew!!! I hate spiders. Very eventful weekend :-)

Melli M said...

What a cool weekend you two had!!! Pack Lusi & I in next time!!!!( Except for the huntsman.....I LOATHE those things...about six months ago one landed ON me in the car,I wanted to DIE!!!! I TOTALLY freaked!!! thank God my hubby was driving!!!LOL..
xx Mel

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Great pictures.

What is halumi?

I HATE bugs. I don't mind snakes, but I HATE bugs. EWWWWW!