Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Well Done MATTY!!!!

All last week Matty has been in New Zealand visiting his family!! (its been a while since we've seen them!) . He has a great time catching up with everyone and even took some great photos:

He also did a race on the Saturday! The Marlborough Portage Kayak Race which he did real well in!! (so happy and proud of you Matty!)
He came 3rd Overall and 2nd as an individual!!!

The Start

Matty (in front)
I was happy to have Matty back home - i picked him up from the airport yesterday!! He brought me back so lovely gifts!! So spoilet!! Love the bangle made from Jade he bought me!!!

Xx Jess


Siany said...

Go Matty!! His sport sure makes for great photo op's! Great rankings!! I bet hes happy with them??

lisa garay said...

hi sweet jess!
you're IT...
i tagged you!

marie said...

well done matt,welcome home