Monday, 20 August 2007

Rain rain go away...


I've got a bit of monday randomness for you all!! Not much happening with me at the moment really!
This morning I met up with
Siany. We went indoor climbing at Climb Fit for the morning!! It was good fun!!
In the afternoon Matty and I went around to all the phone shops in Warringah Mall cos we want to change internet servers! We had a pretty productive afternoon but still havent made the change yet!

So, im addicted to
facebook. And its been popping up all over the news lately.. and i've finally got it! Its great to catch up and find friends on it!! Nothing much happens on there but its addictive anyways!!

My good friend Daria's baby Kaia is now 4 weeks old and has hit the 1kg mark on the scale!! I havent been able to go visit again, but just thought i'd let you know that Im thinking of you Daria, Marty and Kaia!!

Well, the new challenge is up on our two girls challenges blog. Please go and visit it if your into doing fun and easy challenges!! Here's a sneak peak of my layout for this week...

Tomorrow im nannying Jade and then off hopefully for a climb with my friend Bec!! We havent been together in a few weeks so it'll be good to catch up and climb together again!

Well, i hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!!!
Hope to post again soon with my Emily cards up to date!!! (fingers crossed)
Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...

Hi sweetie! I'm so glad that you and Siany had fun. I can't wait to see pics!

Don't feel bad about Em's cards! The last card I did was Number 11!!!

I will try and join Facebook this week.

Everlasting Monday said...

The baby is precious!! So tiny.

Siany said...

Climbing was so much fun! Thanks again!
Glad you guys finally sorted out your net. You were getting ripped off WAY too much!!
Kaia is SOOO tiny! ou can really see now with the hand next to him. Hope everythings going well!

lisa said...

Aww, he's so little. what a darlin little man.
Love the layout, I'll go have a look see. I've joined Facebook, I'll have to find you.
Hello mr . cockatoo, always nice to see you!

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Hello Jess!!
Greeeeat LO!!!

Esther said...

Hi girly, what a great little baby. Hope all goes well. I will put the pay-it-forward on my blog on Friday (as promised) Love, es

marie said...

oohhhhhh look at that baby Kaia,what a little baba,hope he is alright.

Nicole said...

Kaia is sooooo adorable!!!! We're cheering for that sweet baby :)