Thursday, 27 September 2007

Art Journal Challenge - Week Thirty Five...

I went a little different than the theme this week!!

The prompt for this week:

however... I didnt go with the prompt this week.. as I had my excitement of being published for the 1st time in a scrapbooking magazine so i wanted that recorded onto a card

Again... I let myself and my creative juices down on this card.. I dont like the final outcome of it at all.. but its a great memory to have recorded and for that i am happy!!!




Siany said...

This is great too! Love how the paperclip looks like its holding the 'page' open!
Still SO excited that you had them published btw! xx

Debbie said...

This is my fave. Love the colors and subject. Again, congratulations!

Anna M-W said...

I don't see why you aren't happy with it. It's great!

judith said...

hehe, so cool to record your first publication! I love it, this card is really good. :)

Gigi said...


i always loved that l/o too! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

& i agree w/ everyone..i love the card! the clip is so great