Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas....

well, at our place it is anyway!! (now i've got to start the chrissie shopping!!!) Not long to go now!!! I was brought up as a child to put up our tree on the 6th December - St Nicholas day. But I just couldn't wait any longer!! Cant wait for chrissie!! Its my favourite holiday!!!

Last night a group of us went to watch the Soccer at Telstra Staduim. Sydney FC vs LA Galaxy... with David Beckham!!! It was an AWESOME night!! Sydney won 5-3, so that was exciting.. but also David Beckham scored a goal too... which was awesome.. the crowd went wild!! Over 80,000 people attended!
There was a mexican wave that went round three times!! I had a really great night! These are the only photos I took, before the match started... then it was too exciting to take piccies!!

Just thought i'd say hello!!! I havent forgotten the wedding photos from the other weekend.. i've just got so much choice in photos.. it makes it hard to decide which ones to show!!!
Xx Jess


Vicki said...

pretty Christmas stuff!

Ann(i)e said...

so very very jealous of your soccer adventures!!!!!
love your holiday pics too!!

judith said...

It's really is beginning to look a lot like christmas! Love your pictures, they are gorgeous! lots of love

Brigitte said...

Hi Jess @!!!
Beautiful shot of the candle !! looove it !
and wowww ! ...David BEckam huh ?? was he good as expected ?? must have been so much fun to get out with the boys !!

Sharmaine said...

pretty tree Jess! Priiiity!!
we watch a bit of the game on telly, being the soccer family we are ;) Glad Sydney won, but I have been informed, by the soccer brain of the house, that LA aren't that fantastic anyway lol Glad you had fun :)

Siany said...

Oh wow!!! Your tree looks so pretty!! And those candles are gorgeous!! I love your new little lights!
So glad you had fun at the soccer! LOVE that photo of the stadium!! Nice one - especially for a p&s cam!!
Good luck with your Xmas shopping - Ihavent done ANY but my grandpa, and that was by accident!! lol!!

Anne Thompson said...

That's so awesome that you got to go to a game! Yay for Sydney! I'm starting to decorate for Christmas this week! Getting our tree tomorrow!

Siany said...

i just realised - did you use autostitch on the stadium pic?!?! I was wondering how you got such a HUGE shot on your p&s cam!!?!!

Mel said...

Love your tree!!! I'm not there yet with the Christmas thing....takes me a while !!!