Monday, 31 December 2007

Christmas Eve 24.12.07

Well, being from a Swiss background we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve!! I love it!!
We had a great christmas this year! We had my cousin and her boyfriend over from Switzerland, Mum and Dad, John and Sian, Matty and I. We slept in the Star City Apartments in the city - WOW!!!! And had dinner at Nicks Seafood Restaurant - yum! Mum and Dad paid for it all!! So Generous!!!
During the day of the 24th I had everyone over for lunch. Poor Matty had to work so we all went down and got kayaks from him and went kayaking around Narrabeen Lake, such good fun! Then we went to the Beach in the afternoon!
Xx Jess

At Pro Kayaks..

Us on Narrabeen Lake!

John and Siany

My cousin Laurence and her boyfriend Alex

My Mum and Dad

Siany and Me!John, Me, Siany, Laurence & Alex on Narrabeen Beach

Hahahha! We didnt see that wave coming!

My 'Bump' @ 18weeks!

Matty and I with a little outfit we recieved

The VIEW from our apartment!!! Took this with my new lens I recieved from Matty for christmas!!!

I love how Matty is holding the 'bump' in this photo!! He's going to be a great Dad!!Matty & ISiany and John (stole this from your blog siany!! Xx)In darling harbour

Darling Harbour: John, Sian, Alex, Laurence, Me & Matty

At Nick's Seafood Restaurant


Siany said...

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas Jess!! I had a great time with you guys!!
Thanks Matty for letting us kayak! And to your parents Jess, for all their kindness!
It was such a magical Christmas and you took some great photos! I hope you remember your last 'adult' Christmas and I hope it was really special

Brigitte said...

Hey Jessy !! looks like you all had such a fabulous time there all kayaking !!! and ...oh myyyy so cool shot with your new lens !! and you look soooo gorgeous with your little bump !pregnancy really suits you gorgeous girl !! :)
Have a Happy and Safe New Year too !!

Esther said...

Hi Jessy. Your picz look so fabulous. I miss Sidney so much. Lived there for a year and I must see it was a really wonderful year. Hope you have a wonderful new year! Lots of love, es

Sharmaine said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR JESS!!! Hope 2008 is lovely and you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!!

Carole said...

Happy to see that you are in good shape Jessy!

Happy to see my sister. I haven't see her or a picture of her since april 2007.

She looks fine and I'm happy to see her on a picture. Maybe I'll have the chance to see her one day.

It's so difficult to be alone...
But it's her choice. She doesn't want to see me since april 2007 :(

But I wish you all an happy new year.

Have good time with your family. A family is so important, don't forget it!

Anna M-W said...

Love all the pics! You look radiant!I am so excited for the both of you!