Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Years Eve 2007-08!!

We had a great start to the new year!! Kato and Bec went out driving the night before to find a good spot to go to on New Year's Eve! So thanks to their detective work we all met up at Balls Head in North Sydney to watch the fireworks!! We brought rugs and had a picnic! It was a good fun night!!

The city before the midnight fireworks

Bec, Kato, Matty and Mikey having a picnic! Bec and Kato
Matty & Me
9pm Fireworks
9pm Fireworks
Matty, Mikey & Kato having a good time!!

The Spider web we nearly walked into (scary!)
***HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!***
welcome 2008!

a police helicopter (yes! you have to use your imagination here!!)


Siany said...

Wow! Great photos!! The fireworks look fantastic!! Looks like you all had a fun night! You were in such a beautiful place.

Happy New Year!!

Brigitte said...

wowww !! aweeeesome photos there !! looks like you had a great time !! ....unlike me...again at home !! i swear i swear, this year, i'll go to see the fireworks for real !!!

Jodie said...

happy new year, wow love those photos, those fireworks look great.
and you look so happy, getting closer to the bubs arrival...i bet it feels weird thinking by this time next year you will have your baby.

china59 said...

Ohhh fireworks and picnic ! What a great night !
And look at that gorgeous web (erm, sorry, I'm weird that way ! )

Natália Corrêa de Almeida said...

Oh my God! I think I was out for a long time! You are pregnant! I can't believe this!
I'm very happy for you and Matt!!!
Missing you, my friend...
Kisses and hope you have a great new year.

Ady said...

Congrats on the baby... Great New Year photos. Can't wait to see what you create with them. Happy New Year.

butterfly said...

Whow, what a nice foto's. Here in Holland it was so misty that it was imposible to see the fireworks in the sky. We had some ground firework for the children.
I whish you a good pregnacy (or how do you say this in english)

judith said...

Happy new year Jess! It is gonna be a special one for you :) Love your pictures and I think it is so cool for you that you received a RAK all the way from Holland from my friend Esther! hihi

Marjolein said...

Wow, great photos!! And a Happy New Year to you too!!

Debbie said...

Your night time pics are amazing! Yes, WOW! And so strange (being from the US) to see you in your summer clothes on New Years eve! Way to cold for that here!

Anne Thompson said...

What a fun way to ring in the new year! Looks like you guys had a great time. And that's such a cute post from before, it's always so cool when they can start to feel some kicks too!

Kate said...

Looks like ye had a great Christmas and a brilliant New Years Eve. Love the photo's. Wishing you all the best for 2008!!!

Janice said...

Cool firework shots!!!!!!! Happy New Year to you guys!!

Esther said...

your pics look so great. Looks like you had a really great time. Have a lot of fun, laughter and scrapping in 2008!! Love, es

Anna M-W said...

Great pics! Nice fireworks!