Sunday, 30 March 2008

this weekend..

Gosh, it still doesn't feel real that im not going back up to work! So strange!! I feel like im just on holidays or something!
So last night was earth hour.. Matty and I stayed in and I lit lots of pretty candles around the lounge room! It looked great!! I was also happy to see the result in and around Sydney that they showed on the news and all the other big cities did a great job too!! I hope they show us some of the other countries and how they did with it!! Its great that we are all getting into it!
Here's how it was at our place....
Then this morning we woke up so Matty could participate in Life Start's Kayak for Kids race in Sydney Harbour... Before we even got to the race, we had a bit of a drama... LUCKILY, Matt was supposed to meet one of his friends at his shop at 8am to let him in to get a kayak. We got a phone call from his friend at about 8:05am saying "WHERE ARE YOU?!!!". Well we were both asleep still as BOTH our phones automatically went back an hour overnight for the end of daylight savings. Very strange! Its not till next week!!! Anyway, we were very lucky for that phone call as it meant we got to the race on time!!
It started in Manly Cove and finished at the end of Blue's Point Road. So i dropped Matty off at the start and got down to the finish line. I packed a picnic and ate it with the gorgeous view whilst I waited for Matty to come in! He was 2nd overall (a double surf ski beat him), and 1st single surf ski craft section! So he had to be happy with that!!
We hung out there for most of the day (waiting for the prize giving) It was a really nice day!!
Here's a photo of me in Syndey Harbour (taken with my new mobile phone camera)

Matty is arriving... Finished!!! Yay!! Beautiful backdrop for a race!!!Tonight we had a few friends over for a BBQ with thier little baby - so cute!! Cant wait to have ours! So many little play mates around!!
Now, im tired and off to bed!! Hopefully i'll sleep very well!! lol!
Xx Jess

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Siany said...

Wow! Great shots!! Were they all off your mobile!?! Go Matty! Well done on 2nd/1st place! Thats great! Love the pic of you in front of the bridge - it took a while to realise that yes it IS you! Your belly is so big!! :)
Looks like it was a beautiful sunny day!!