Friday, 28 March 2008

today i...

Today i started preparing for the baby!!
I was hoping to go and pick up my change table/chest of drawers that I ordered and paid for back in january, but they still haven't got it, grrrrr!
So I decided to start washing!
Awe, our house smells so nice of the fabric softener and powder im using!! So exciting! (yep, i think it'll be the only time i'm ever excited about doing washing!)
I even went to Kmart to buy an ironing board so I can iron everything! Im off to do that now!
Here are some piccies... Lots of whites seeing as we dont know the sex!! I havent actually bought any outfits (just a few singlets) these are all gifts! So spoilet!!
I cant wait to go out and buy some coloured outfits when the little one comes along...
Um, still 2 months away!! :)
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Ooooh!! How exciting!! Only 2 months to go!! All the bubbas clothes look so cute there! The neighbours must think youve had triplets! :)
So excited for you and Matt! Shame about your furniture, but at least youve got something else to look fwd to!

jill s said...

SO exciting!!!

i can't wait for warm enough weather to have a clothes line!!

Debbie said...

Now if that isn't the picture of nesting bliss!

Anna M-W said...

Can you come do laundry at my house now?

I didn't realize Kmarts are in Australia!

saffiertje said...

Such an exited moment! I looked over the washed things in the drawers times and times again...only the smell of fresh linnen! I remember. Now all those small cloths are in a box for another baby??? No For someone who needs it!