Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bump Update...

Yesterday Matty and I walked up to the lookout at Collaroy to take some photos! I havent taken many photos of 'the bump' in a while and it seriously feels like it is getting bigger and bigger each and every day!
Im now 33 weeks - 7 weeks to go YAY!!!
I just measured around my bump (with a dodgy stiff tape measure) and im about 95cm, give or take one cm or two.
I feel great most of the time but get VERY tired too. Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable!! Matty and I call the baby "buddah" cos my belly is so round like buddah!! So, little buddah is moving around lots and lots! I think we have an energetic baby on our hands!!! hehe
The baby's room is 1/2 finished! We've had the cot up since January!!! I've washed all the clothes and blankets we have. Im just waiting on picking up the chest of drawers/change table, port-a-cot and also we need to buy some new blinds and then it should be finished (hopefully by the end of next week!!!)
I havent packed my hospital bags yet, but hey, there IS still 7 weeks to go!!! But i'll probably do that soon too just so then its done. And we need to install the carseat! Cant wait to do that - have to clean the car first... hmmmmm.
Okay, enough about the facts.... here are some of the piccies we took yesterday...

We are excited!!! Matty Im so excited that I can still fit in my favourite pair of jeans! Thats BIG!Cant wait to 'meet' our little baby!

One more close up of the bump...

Xx Jess


Linda said...

Aww, I can't wait. that is just the cutest baby bump.

Esther said...

Hi Jess,

What a great picz of you, Matt and your baby. You look very healthy and extremely happy.

Have a great weekend.

Love, es

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, your bump has totally grown since the last pics! You look super cute!

Siany said...

Oooh you and Matty look so happy and your belly is SOOOO round!! :D

Cant wait to see irl!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope you get lots of rest as the 'budda' gets bigger :)

Natália Almeida said...

Hi, Jess!!! These pics are so great, and they are asking for a LO!! I can't wait to see the baby and the wonderful LOs that you are going to do for her/him!

Tamara Nicole said...

I love baby bump pics!!! Super cute:-)

rev said...

wow girl, your tummy looks beautiful!!

Carole said...

Hello Jessy!
Nice pictures :)
I said that the baby will be a girl in the "vote" part of your blog. But now, seeing your bump I'm not sure it'll be a girl :D.
I can't wait to see you with your baby in your arms :)
Good luck for the next weeks and the D-DAY !!!

Big Bisou
xxx Carole

Marjolein said...

You look great Jess, little buddah is having a good time!!!
Lots of "luck" the last 7 weeks.... it's too bad sleeping is getting hard, cause now you still can sleep:-))


brigitte said...

Heyy Jess !!
you and Matty look sooo good together and your cutie tummy !! woooh it does start tolook big huh ?? can't believe you're nearly there !! well...i guess you'll get through the tiring times when you'll feel very very heavy but lucky we're getting into winter soon...
All the best Jess and can't wait to hear from you soon.. :)

Nicole said...

Hey Jess,

wow hun your belly is just GORGEOUS. Mine's nearly as big at 17wks, so I think I'm gonna be HUGE by the end. Going to have to get some piccies to share.