Sunday, 22 June 2008

a little liberty fix...

Hi Everyone!!
Here are some piccies of Liberty at 3 weeks old! Today she turned 4 weeks old! Its going by so fast!! This weekend Liberty and I went up to Katoomba and stayed at my parents for a couple of nights, Matty had to stay back to work.
We were busy with lots of mountain visitors! It was great to see everyone!
Im hoping to get back into some scrapbooking very soon!!
Tomorrow im off to my first mothers' group meeting! Im looking forward to meeting other mum's in the area!
Okies, just a short write up as Liberty has just gone to sleep and I think i might join her!!
Xx Jess

Liberty napping...
Bouncing on the ball with her Daddy...
With her Mummy...
With her grandparents...
and this last photo makes me laugh so much!!! (even though its blurry!)
I wanted to take a photo of Liberty's feet and just as i was taking it, she did a big stretch!! hehehe, look at her little stretched out toes!! She's so funny!!
Xx Jess


Anna M-W said...

Great photos!

She is gorgeous!

I love the stretching out picture!

Kate said...

Jess, I left a comment on your blog weeks ago to congratulate both of you on your beautiful baby girl but it seems to have disappeared!!!!!
SO just in case it got lost in cyber space forever "BIG CONGRATS" (a bit late {BLUSH})
SHe is absolutely gorgeous and I guessed half right (didn't get her birth date right) .
Looks like you're settling into motherhood really well.

Nicole said...

Liberty is just so gorgeous,

hope you had a fun mummy's meeting,


Esther said...

So great to see all those wonderful picz of your sweetie. Since time flies, I can only recommend you to take as much picz as you can. Hi hi

Have fun
Love, es

Siany said...

Cute cute cute!! I love the photo of your parents and Liberty! Such a fantastic shot - you can tell how much they love her!
Matt looks so natural holding her on the big ball! Shes going to be a sporty baby :)
Gorgeous little toes - shes saying "NO COMMENT" to the camera lol!!