Sunday, 29 June 2008


Yes, I am a mum, & I’m a person too! I've been tagged by my good friend Daria!
I've only been a mum for exactly 5 weeks today, but i still want to fill this out as my life seems so different and more important now! I just couldnt imagine my life without Liberty in it, its a very different life to before i had her (i was pretty lazy before) hehe! Okay, here goes...

1. Name your 3 previous occupations before becoming a mum?
Waitress. Nanny. Thats it! I've grown up in my parents restaurant, so being a waitress is second nature to me! Some people look at me funny when i say that 'all i am' is a waitress.. but think about it.. there are many out there... But how many serve you well?! My brother and I (and we've dragged Siany into it now too) were taught how to be with people and work hard since we were about 8 years old. And without trying to sound totally up myself... we do a great job and serve with a professional attitude, and it shows in the tips we recieve ;)

2. If you are in a relationship, how did you meet your man?
My friend Jen (Hi jen!) kept talking about going indoor rock climbing! When we finally got around to going, we loved it and kept going on a weekly basis before work! It was awesome fun! Matty was the manager at the Climbing Gym, and I slowly got to know him, and we ended up moving in together, and things progressed from there!

3. Tell us about 3 things people who only know you as a ‘mum’ wouldn’t know about you.
I have a fear of vomit! Yep, weird i know! I havent spewed since i was 6 years old! I cant be near anyone that does, otherwise, i pretty much have a panic attack! For some reason, baby spew doesnt bother me as much! Which is lucky, cos the amount of times i've been spewed on lately....

4. List 3 hobbies you had before your time was completely consumed by being ‘mummy’.
Scrapbooking!! I still havent created since being a mummy! But ill be back into it as soon as i find the time!
Indoor Rock climbing! I stopped once I found out I was pregnant, I didnt want to take any risks! I wanted my baby way too much and was so scared to lose it especially in that 1st trimester! Looking forward to starting again soon though!
Sleeping!!! I didnt realised it was a hobby till I had Liberty!! HAHAHAH!

5. Besides being a mum of course, what would you say is your biggest achievement?
I have no idea! I'd say it is becoming a mum, and giving birth too! I know we have to do it, but I was so proud of myself afterwards for surviving the birthing experience!

Post a photo of YOU before you were a mum!
Seeing as Daria tagged me.. here is a photo of us about to go rollerblading, way back in 2004!!!

Now.. I tag all you Mummies out there! Let me know if you do it as i'd love to read what your life was like before babies!!!
Xx Jess


Daria said...

OH MY GOD!!!! I am sooo embarassed that is the gayest photo ever!!! Far out I was a monster, I look like a bloody weightlifter or something! That must have been when I was a boxer!
You crack me up! Yes that is so true, you ARE a really great waitress & you should be proud!
Also, I think your readers should know that Matty TOTALLY had a crush on Jess well before they hooked up! Haha!
& Yes, sleep is definately a hobby you won't see again til your kids are about 21!!! haha!

Esther said...

Yeah! I'm a mother too.
Will post on that later.

Love, es

Siany said...

You are going to be such a fabulous mum!! You and Libby look so sweet together :)
Im sure one day youre going to get right back into scrapbooking - and youre going to have MILLIONS of photos to use lol! And you'll have so much fun when you start climbing again!!
You are a fabulous waitress and I find myself imitating everything you do so youre a great teacher too! (Whether you realise or not lol!)
ANd I think that giving birth to Liberty is definitely a *huge* achievement, and well worth it cos shes gorgeous :)
PS Great photo!! lol!! One day that will be Kaia and Libby posing like that together lol!!