Sunday, 27 July 2008


Hi Everyone!
Just a quick email as its storming outside so i really should switch off the PC!
Yesterday I took Liberty for a walk in the Baby Bjorn Carrier along the beach! It was LIberty's first time at the beach and it was a beautiful day! I didnt have my camera but i did have my mobile so i took a littel 'selfie' of us! Oh and a photo of the sky cos i thought it looked pretty...
Tomorrow, my family is coming down for a visit and in the afternoon im meeting up with my Mothers Group - yay! Busy day! Its good mum and dad are coming down as they will be able to entertain Liberty whilst Matt and I pack... Yep! We are going on a holiday! Our first holiday just the three of us! We are off to Perth for 8 days!
See you all in blogland next week when we get back!!!

Xx Jess


Siany said...

Cute!! It looks so beautiful and sunny!! Have a fab day with ur family and an *awesome* holiday!! xx

lisa said...

Love those photos :D have a fantastic holiday, hope she behaves for you.

Esther said...

Have a really really great holiday!!!

Love the pic you toke of you an little miss liberty. Even a phone can take great picz. Ha ha.

Love, es

Gigi said...

love that adorable!!
& oh enjoy your trip!!



lusi said...

you guys are so cute!!!!!
love to you and matt and liberty :)
lusi x

Mel said...

Hope you all enjoy your holiday!!!

Anna M-W said...

Great photos!

You two are so beautifuL!

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, she is too sweet Jess! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun together! Love that you are scrapping again too!

brigitte :) said...

Heyy beaudiful Jess !!
Sorry haven't had a chance to visit much these days but today...quick few mn to see what you're up to and...woahhhh soooo cute shot of you and goshh already grown up a bit huh ?? she is sooo adorable !!!
it's're a new mother and...still blogging !! now that 's what i call being well organized and Liberty must be a very good little princess :)