Saturday, 19 July 2008

So much happening!!

Wednesdays are Matt, Liberty and My 'family day'. We make sure we go out and do something as a family! We were going to go indoor climbing but its school holidays so figured it would be pretty busy, so instead we drove to Macquarie Shopping Centre (a centre we dont usually go to) to do some shopping for a new arrival in our group of friends (will come to that later in the post!!). The shopping centre has an ice skating rink in it, so it was fun to sit there eating lunch watching all the kids iceskate!

On Thursday my mum came down and stayed the night to visit Liberty and Matt and I ofcourse! She spoils us so much! She brought a little outfit for Liberty and we spent the afternoon at Warringah mall, and Liberty got spoilet again!! She has the biggest wardrobe ever, lucky girl! Mum bought me a top too! I so wanted to buy it with my own money that mum gave me for doing a job for her, but nope, im too spoilet!! She also vaccuumed, and cooked a yummy dinner for us (thanks mum!)! Liberty was so so smiley and chatty, its so cute, she is so alert and wants to know what is going on all the time!!

Yesterday Matty, Liberty and I went to visit Steve and Eva and their brand new baby boy... Fynn! He is adorable and so so tiny!!! I cant believe Liberty was ever that tiny (and it was only 7 weeks ago!). I made Steve, Eva and Fynn a nappy cake as a gift... I will post up about that in the next few days..

Introducing baby Fynn Gardner born 15.07.08, 3kg. With his very proud parents! Eva is coping so well, she's already been out walking & to the shops, she is doing great! And Steve is a natural Daddy!
Liberty also got to meet Fynn!! Fynn slept right through it and Liberty was just wondering what was going on!! Hahaha, she looks gigantic next to him!!!
Xx Jess


Debbie said...

I love the picture of the babies together! It reminds me of one I took of Rachel and our friend's baby when they were about the same age as your two. Those friends moved away, but we were able to see them again when our "babies" were in their twenties and we took another picture of them in a similar pose!

Siany said...

OMG!! Libby looks so chubby!! I cant believe how tiny Fynn looks!! Thats a fantastic shot of Fynn too!
Liberty is one lucky baby who is definitely going to be spoilt!!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Aaaawwwwh - I adore newborn babies! so so cute! :)