Sunday, 10 August 2008

another arrival...

Whilst we were holidaying in Perth last week, Matty got a text message from his friend who announced that they are the proud parents of a baby GIRL who has two big brothers!!! *Congratulations* to the happy family!!
So... I thought i'd better get baking....


The finished product:
Products used:
  • 15 Huggies Nappies
  • 1 baby size 00 body suit
  • feeding bowl
  • spoon
  • fork
  • nail scissors
  • nail clippers
  • 1 dummy


Kate said...

Aah how cute is this!! I'm sure they'll be delightedto receive such a gorgeous gift!

BTW lovin the bath pics in the post below!!

Anna M-W said...

You are getting good with those diaper cakes!

Congrats to your friends!

Mell Mallin said...

Go you! You sure are dedicated with the nappy cakes! All looking very cute!

P.S. Thanks for the comments on my photography blog by the way!

Siany said...

Its fantastic! Congrats to your friends :) They must be so happy to have a girl after two boys!!
Your 'cakes' look so yummy!! You could go into business with them!!