Saturday, 23 August 2008

busy busy!

Go get a cup of tea.. this is a monster post with lots of piccies!!!

Hi Everyone!!!
We've had a nice and busy week! On monday Liberty and I went to meet up with Mother's Group. I love meeting up with all the mummies each week! Its such a great group, all the mum's are so nice and supportive and the babies are all so cute!!
Then on Tuesday Liberty and I drove the 2 hour drive up to Katoomba to visit My Parents, brother and Sian. It was freezing up there, with very fresh air! Liberty was spoilet with cuddles from everyone!!!
With my mum
with my dad
meeting her 'brother' Ruby the cat! Who's still bigger than her!! haha

We also went over to John and Siany's house who have done more amazing decorating in their house! Their place looks awesome!!

John, Sian & Me holding LibertySiany and Liberty
More kodak moments - look at the cool artwork photos they've put up on their wall!!
On wednesday Matty came up and my mum and dad paid for us to get some photos done of our little family (thanks mum) I've only got the proofs and im not sure if im allowed to put them on my blog, so i'll just put up a couple! (ssshhhhh! hehe) Not sure which one we will choose out of the dozen we got!
Matty then went back home and I decided to stay up for a couple more nights! It was fun hanging out with the family! Liberty slept well at night after being worn out by all the attention she recieved during the day times!

Here we are giving her a bath in the kitchen sink (!)
Uncle John John getting Libby ready for her bath!Here is Liberty chilling with her Grand mamy again! As my mum is off to Switzerland to visit her parents and relatives for 5 weeks, she will definately miss Libby! She's 12 weeks old now and doing new and exciting things every day!! Mum will definatly notice a big difference when she gets back!Mum, John, Siany and I did a mini photo shoot of liberty one afternoon too.. here are some of the piccies...We had a lovely and relaxing time up the mountain! And played lots of Rummikin(?) a great game Siany introduced us to!
Thats it for now!!
Xx Jess


Siany said...

Im so glad you came up for a few days!! :)
It was so nice to see you and Matt briefly (even tho I was working again lol!!) and so nice to have a cuddle with Liberty!! You look like such a beautiful family in the professional portraits!
See you again soon!

Mell Mallin said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week up here!

Next time you are up, let me know and we can meet at a park, it will be fun!

Anne Thompson said...

Liberty is just so dang cute! It's great to see how close you are with your family!

Carole said...

I love the picture with John and Liberty.
And what beautiful eyes she has!!!! We can read in her eyes how happy she is.
And the bath in the kitchen XD !!!
xxx Carole

Essie said...

So great to read that you had some much fun with you family. The picz of you and Liberty (and the rest of the family) are so cute. Love the pic of Liberty were she eat her hands. Her eyes look so curious into the world.

Lots of love,

ps. I've decided not to leave blogger-land after all. Just changes my blogger-name, layout, design etc.

lisavc said...

What a gorgeous girl she is! I love those pro portraits, the colours you're wearing look so warm against the dark backdrop, very nice indeed.
Is that a strawberry birthmark on Liberty's head? Avril still has hers but it's just starting to get a little smaller at 14 months.

Anna M-W said...

Great photos!
She is getting so big!