Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lots of parties this weekend!!!

This weekend (well saturday really) was nice and busy!! Liberty and I went to celebrate Jade's 2nd birthday with her at her birthday party! She looked so cute in her fairy dress, and was happy giving Liberty lots of cuddles! so cute!!
Then in the evening, we went to Leea's 30th birthday party. The dress up theme was 70s movie characters. I had no idea who to go as so i called my brother. Him and Sian put together an entire outfit for me (thanks guys!) I was Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I havent even seen the movie - hehe!
Leea went as Princess Leea! And Bec went as Frenchie from Grease! It was a great night! Liberty just went to sleep in the spare room! Lots of action for her in one day!!!
How was your weekend??
Xx Jess


lisa vc said...

I've never been to a costume part would you believe? you look very cute

Carole said...

I haven't seen this movie too, but you look pretty in this costume :)
And Matt, he is?? Funny XD!

Siany said...

You look *great*!!! I think you had the best costume lol!!
Looks like Libby had good fun with Jade! Didnt Jade get big :)
Cant wait to see you tmr!

Anna M-W said...

Both parties looked like great fun!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

super fun party pics!!!!
great costumes and AMAZINGLY cute baby.....I haven't been online since you had her......crazy I know...but I have just been checking out all the pics and she is gorgeous!!!!!!!

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Hahaha, those photos are very funny, Jess!
And how are you and little Liberty (oh how I love her name...)??
Keep us updated.
kisses and more kisses!