Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Busy week Last week!!!

Hello Everyone!
So last week was a busy week! On monday Liberty and I drove up to Katoomba and hung out wiht my Dad, Brother & Siany. Siany made Libby the cutest dress! I will have to take a photo of her wearing it! Its reversable and so cute! I keep telling her she has to open an etsy shop!

On tuesday my Mum arrived home from 5 weeks in Switzerland. It was great to have her home and Mum was shocked at how big Libby got! Again, i didnt take any photos! We were too busy getting spoilt by my mum with gifts from her and other family members and our friends 'Les Gruns'! Matt and I both were given a watch! I got a t-shirt, matt got a hat + we recieved lots of chocolate, magnets and fun things! Liberty was spoilet with clothes, a COW BELL(!), a beautiful golden bracelet, books, dvd & cds and more! We all got totally spoilt!!! THANK YOU Everyone!!! The cow bell is the coolest gift! Will post a photo once i take one!

We stayed up in Katoomba with my family till thursday arvo, then came back to Sydney to welcome Matty's Family! His Mum, 2 Sisters and Niece came over to meet Liberty! She recieved more gifts! Some books and a photo frame that is up in her bedroom, and more cute clothes (gotta love clothes!). Yes! Finally. We did take photos! It was good to catch up with all the girls! One night we played a great board game called 'Articulate'. It was good fun!! Libby loved all the attention too..... Today, they went back home! I think Liberty is going to be lonely after a week of entertainers!! hehehe!

Our friend Michelle and little Jade have lent Libby their 'bumbo' seat! Liberty loves to sit in it, but i've learnt i have to face the seat towards the tv otherwise she twists in it till she is watching the teli! hehe oh, and can you determine Libby's favourite passtime after looking at these photos... ... yep! She loves to eat her hands!!! hahaha!
Okay, well thats it for now!! My tv show (Packed to the Rafters) is about to start!
Xx Jess


Mell Mallin said...

That little Libby of yours is just TOOOOOOOO cute!

Glad you had a great week!

Siany said...

Wow that is a busy week!! Liberty will definitely feel a bit lonely this week lol! Cute photos with Matts family! Liberty looks so happy in all of them :)
You must be happy to have your mum back home! She definitely did spoil everyone! Libertys cow bell is SOO awesome!!
I LOVE her in that bumbo seat lol! So so cute!!
PS I think she must dip her fingers in chocolate milk or something, cos she sure does enjoy eating them!!