Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Noel Noel

We had a wonderful christmas! It was so exciting to be able to celebrate Liberty's first christmas all together! Im amazed we are here... the end of the year! I remember when Liberty was born (7 months ago) and I thought it would be AGES till christmas, and now, its already been and gone! Crazy!

My family all came down to Narrabeen and rented a house for 3 nights from stayz.com.au. It was a nice place, spacious, right on the lake with a pretty view. Also a spacious lounge room which was cool.
Up until chrissie, we all hung out together! Mum and I went kayaking one day. We played Rummingkin. We all went up to Dunes at Palm Beach for lunch which was yummy (Matty didnt come as he was working).
I love this photo of John and Liberty in the restaurant! Look at John posing and Liberty trying to open her mouth as wide as possible in hope that John will stop posing and continue feeding her asap!! hahaha
We celebrate our christmas on Christmas Eve. For dinner we had a yummy BBQ and mum set the table really nicely also with the help of Siany who made us all gorgeous little gifts which you can see here. So cute!!!
We were all spoilt with lovely gifts! I recieved a moblie phone from Matty, some awesome shoes from John and Sian and a gift voucher and mum and dad gave us a gift basket full of goodies and cash and ofcourse a photo we'd had done earlier by a photographer!
We gave all sorts of gifts, I'd say the most successful one was the one we gave to mum! Which was a pendant made of silver with Liberty's finger print on it! Very special. HERE is the company I used.
Here was my favourite gift.... Watching Libby opening all her gifts...

My Grandmamy in Switzerland also knitted us 2 pairs of socks each!! She makes them all herself and they are beautiful! Here is a photo of all of us wearing our new socks... I also love this photo of Matt, Liberty and I. Look at Liberty, she's got the hang of this 'opening gifts' business - hahaha....

Here is another collage of photos from Christmas...

On christmas day, we went over to the accommodation where my parents were renting for the morning. John and Siany had left early in the morning to spend christmas with Siany's family. Then later in the day Mum and Dad left to go back up the mountain, so Matty, Libby and I headded for the beach!!!
We went to Manly beach and took Libby's new sand toys her Grand mamy and Grand Papa gave her. It was good fun! Liberty was loving it! She was eating the sand - ewe! And then she spent a while playing in the water! Too cute!

Christmas night we just stayed at home and relaxed. It then occured to me that coles would not be open, so for chrissie dinner we had baked beans with rice and cheese - ops!!! But we both love baked beans so it was all good!

We all had a great christmas, and hope you did too!!!
I may add more chrissie photos as im still waiting on some from Siany's camera too.

Xx Jess


Mell Mallin said...

Ah ha! LOVE LOVE LOVE the post!

Think the fingerprint is AWESOME!

Love the photos!

Cute red Christmas dress Libby has on (wink!)

and baked beans... what a crack up! Sounds like something I'd do!

Siany said...

Gosh I am so behind on commenting! Eek!!
Christmas was so much fun! Your collages look fab! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas day together - baked beans and all!