Saturday, 10 January 2009

7 months...

Hi everyone!!

I'm so happy! I've managed to keep up my photo a day for 2009 for over a week now!! You can see my photos on MY Flickr account.

Liberty is now 7 months old and is more fun than ever!! She is growing so fast! I thought I would doccument some of her little milestones that she's up to at the moment...
  • is crawling like a pro, and getting into everything!!
  • can pull herself up to stand against objects now!
  • sits without any assistance at all now, no longer need to surround her with pillows!
  • can go from crawling to sitting and then back to crawling again with ease
  • eats 3 solid meals and 5 breastfeeds a day
  • loves drinking water from her sippy cup
  • is now forward facing in her carseat
  • no longer sleeping wrapped up like a sausage. She is now sleeping in a sleeping bag
  • we've had to lower her cot seeing as she can now pull herself up on things
  • loves playing in water wether it be the bath, rock pools or the ocean, no matter what the water temperature is, she loves it!!
  • she grunts and fake coughs to get our attention
  • she loves everyone
  • she is sometimes clingy now, and if tired doesn't want to be left alone
  • starting to give cuddles, well at least thats what i like to think!!
Here are some photos of her so far this month...
Xx Jess
I also have a video of her which you can see by clicking HERE.


Siany said...

Liberty!! Stop growing! lol! Shes such a smart little baby!! Always looks so happy and doing such 'big girl' things now!!

Mel said...

Wow...she's really growing up fast!!! She'll be driving before you know it!!!

Natália Almeida Rosin said...

Oh and she is more cute than ever!!!
And keep the project!

Carole said...

I can't wait to show all these piccies and video to Sugus ;P
xxx carole

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, she is growing so fast! She sure is a beauty!