Thursday, 1 January 2009

*our* new years eve...

*Happy New Year* everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic night last night?!!
We had a wonderful New Years Eve! Very different from any of the other years we've spent together so far!! hahaha!
My parents were staying down in Narrabeen visiting since monday! It was really nice actually! On Monday night, Matty and I went out on a 'date'! We basically did the usual thing we used to do before Libby came along... We went to dinner at Dee Why RSL and then went and watched a movie - Four Holidays, which was entertaining! Mum and Dad babysat a sleeping Liberty!

New Years Eve...
Mum, Dad, Libby and I went on a nice long walk to North Narrabeen and had lunch in a little restaurant there! I had the 'salad by the sea' dish, which was so yummy! Then Mum and Liberty braved the cool(ish) water and went for a dip! I got in as far and my knees! haha. It was perfect for Libby, it refreshed her quite a bit! Then we did the nice long walk back to my flat and Mum and Dad went back home.
Later that afternoon Matty came home from work, so we gave Libby some dinner and at 6:30pm headded for the carnival thats in town at the moment! They were even having some fireworks go off at 9pm (we didnt stay that long though).
Liberty was loving looking around at all the rides going round and round!
We also played a few fun games!! I actually won a *big* stuffed toy (pictured in stroller below) plus we won lots of other little stuffed animal toys! The stroller was full!! I also enjoyed eating a bag of fairy floss and matty had a sausage on a stick!
It was good fun!!! But after walking round the carnival three times, spending way too much money on silly (but fun) games we figured it was time to go home! As we were walking to the car it occured to us that our flat is really too small for the new stuffed toy additions we'd just won.. so we put them on all the cars as we were walking to ours!! Hahaha, i think it was the most fun we had! It was funny watching people walking past the cars looking at the stuffed animals!
We put the big toy on a car that had a toddler car seat in it! We thought they might think Santa had come to visit him/her once again!!!

Then we drove to McDonalds so Matty could get a burger, and I requested driving back via the carnival to see if all the toys were still there - they were! And still, people were walking past looking at them!! heheheh! Love it!

Liberty was being such a happy girl! It was an hour past her bedtime and she was also missing a breast feed, yet she was happy and squealing the whole time!!
When we got home we put our princess to bed, I had some food whilst Matty worked on his puzzle he got for chrissie...
We watched a bit of teli and waited for it to get dark.. then I cracked open some glow sticks and sparklers... Matty and I had our own fireworks and NYE celebrations out on the balcony! We then decorated the balcony rails with our glowsticks! It was good fun!!

We had a fun New Years Eve as a little family! We were in bed and asleep by 11pm!!! hahaha!

Xx Jess


Kate said...

Hi Jess, Wishing you and yours everything you wish for in 2009.
Only getting a chance to catch up with you now. I'm so glad to see you all had a great Christmas. LOVE the pic of Libby in her car seat she looks SO happy.
{{{HUGS}} to you all


Mell Mallin said...

Man you guys have fun whatever's happening dont you!

I think that's awesome!

Libby is very lucky to have a mummy and daddy like you!!!

Siany said...

I bet those families had a great surprise with all those teddies!! Great photos of the carnival! Looks like beautiful weather!!

Your glowstick party looks like fun too!