Saturday, 24 January 2009

RIP Grand maman Trudy

Yesterday we recieved the sad news that my Grand maman Trudy passed away with my dad and uncle by her side.
We heard that she was unwell, but had no idea it was this bad. The doctor did tell my dad to hurry and get over to Switzerland asap, but it was still hard to believe. Im just so grateful that my dad made it in time and that they got to see eachother.
I just wish we could of all been there and that she could of met Liberty. But I know that she is in heaven (with Grandpapa and Uncle Etienne) now and will be able to watch Liberty grow up from above.

Here is a photo of her only 2 weeks ago, full of health. It happened very quickly.

And here is the last time I got to be with Grand maman Trudy (i've always kept in contact with lots of letters and a few phone calls throughout the years). August 2004. Court, Switzerland.
I love you Grand maman Trudy, you will always be in my heart...


Debbie said...

I'm so sorry! It is never easy parting with those we love. Thank God for our memories.

Sharmaine said...

Hugs Jess!
THinking of you, she looks like she was a very happy lady.

Daria said...

So sorry to hear your sad news. All our love to you & your family. xxx Always here if you need to talk.

Siany said...

I was so sorry to hear about your Grandmaman, Jess. Im really glad your dad got to see her and Im sure she went very peacefully with her sons together with her.
Thinking of you and sorry you cant be there with your dad
xx Siany

Carole said...

I don't know what to say.
Thinking of you.
xxx carole

Anne Thompson said...

So sorry to hear about your Grand maman Jess.

lisa v said...

I'm very sorry to hear this Jess :( hugs to you .

lusi said...

So sorry Jess about the passing of your Grand Maman mate. I lost my grandad just before Stassi was born and although mum and dad got there to say goodbye (Fiji) i couldn't fly and i was devastated that he never got to meet her (or my other kids that have come since then). I empathise mate and am just so sorry and know how hard it is. Sending you and your family all my love during such a sad season.
Love Lusix